Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Random Tuesday {13}: #juneinstaspank

Time for another Random Tuesday...well this time it's not so random. Well maybe.  So who has heard of this crazy thing called Instagram?  Well, I finally have been, dragged - kicking and screaming by my kids onto this platform.  It's pretty cool, once you figure it out...and it seems like other authors are doing the same.  So much to the point that I joined my first ever Instagram challenge. 
Those of you may remember I did the spanking challenge last year...and was looking forward to doing it again this year - when I got a lovely little email from the ladies running it.  Instead of doing the traditional A- Z blog challenge they wanted to do an Instagram one.   (And it kicks off tomorrow!)
Sounds like fun...even though I'm not actually sure where I'm going to get all these spanking themed pictures. ;) 
Guess it's a good thing I'd started dabbling on the platform....mostly garden pics and my normal every day life kind of stuff, so I know just enough to be dangerous...lol.  Here's to wishing me luck (I'm still trying to figure out how to find images that I haven't taken myself on my smart phone to post.)  Hopefully some of you will join me and my fellow #spanking romance authors as we give you a fun way to spend the month of June. 
Oh and did I tell you that at the end of the month, they are giving away some super cool prizes? 
"A Kindle Fire donated by Blushing Books, a graphics package donated by Summer Graystone, and an "Instagram Survival Kit". All you need to do to be eligible for these ...prizes is complete all thirty days. It doesn't matter if you do 2 in one day- or whatever as long as by the end of the month you have all 30 days complete."
So be sure to come and join us....
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