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Takeover Wednesday {8}: Ella Sheridan

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming a one of my fellow NGWN author pals, Ella Sheridan.  Not only has she gotten her feet wet in the self-publishing industry this year, she's also in the midst of working on her first BDSM themed book. Personally I can't wait to read it.  I truly enjoy her writing style.  So without further ado, here's the lovely Ella Sheridan. 


My latest book, my very first BDSM romance, is driving me to drink – literally. I’m serious. It’s been like a renovation project where everything goes wrong, and when you’re dealing with that level of frustration, what better way to get rid of it than a little sweet and sexy libation?

Okay, I don’t just drink. I’ve done a lot of things to get my muse moving lately. We authors often hit dry spells – or at least I do. (Hence the drinking, ha!) It can be hard to move from one character’s psyche to the next, delving into their minds and figuring out what makes them tick, what they want, what they need (because what they want and need aren’t always the same thing). So what do I do when writer’s block hits or when a character isn’t talking to me or when I’ve written my characters into a corner and can’t figure out how to escape? There are a few things, actually:

1. DRINK. ;) What’s my drink of choice? Usually spiked lemonade or a margarita, but I also love Coke with Jack Daniels’ Honey Whiskey. Yum!

2. Go for a walk. There’s something about the quiet of nature and the movement of my body that can help me untangle my brain. Plus, it’s great for my legs.

3. Take a shower. I always thought this was because, well, how sexy water is and how soothing it can be, but no. I’m told the automatic act of showering allows us creatives to tap into the artistic side of our brain. I still say it’s the slide of water over my skin, but hey, whatever works!

4. Watch a movie. And no, I’m not talking about THAT kind of movie. Or I guess it could be that kind of movie. Any kind, actually. Getting my mind off my story and diving into someone else’s can remove me just enough to come back to the computer refreshed and ready to write.

5. Journal. I don’t know about you, but stress is the number one factor in having trouble concentrating. Right now a lot of women’s stress is tied up in the beginning of school and getting our little ones (and not-so-little ones) ready and settled into a new routine. How do I deal with that stress? The best way for me is to get those stressful thoughts out of my brain. In fact, I call it “brain drain,” and boy does it help!

6. Eat. I know, I know, we shouldn’t eat our emotions. But really, I don’t think there is any more sensual act (outside of the bedroom) than consuming food. The rich taste of chocolate or caramel. The spice of Mexican or Thai food. The cool relief of sweet yogurt or fresh fruit. Sometimes the experience of food can connect me back to the sexy part of me instead of all the demands that take up my day.

7. Color. Coloring’s for kids, right? Wrong! There are some fantastic adult coloring books that have intricate patterns and unusual subjects you just won’t find in a Disney princess book. For those of us who love art but can’t draw, this is a great way to connect to the artistic side of ourselves without fear of screwing it up.

8. Making love. What better way to completely shut off our brains than to immerse ourselves in the physical act of loving someone? I can’t think of any, honestly!

9. Singing at the top of our lungs. You have to be totally into it and completely uncaring of what anyone else things to sing that loud. (Okay, so I usually do this when no one is home, including the neighbors, but it does work. Just sayin’.)

10. And last but not least – and in caps because it deserves it as much as the drinks – READING. Like a movie, a book can take us away from our world and our stress and immerse us in someone else’s. That’s why we read, right? That’s also why most authors write, to give themselves and others that gift. Sometimes revisiting reading is just what we need to remember why we do this (totally frustrating and aggravating and invigorating and awesome) thing.

So how do you get away from what stresses you and get your head screwed back on right? Share your ideas with me – I’m always looking for more – or give me a twist on something from the list above. My muse will thank you!

Ella Sheridan is the author of the Secrets To Hide and Southern Nights series. She loves sexy Southern men and strong, sassy heroines — and the secrets and suspense that ignite when the two come together. Find out more about Ella and her books at her website,, or connect with Ella on Facebook (Ella Sheridan Author) or Twitter (@AuthorESheridan).

Blurb for latest release:
Take Me (Southern Nights Book 3)

A nightmare coming to an end…

Peyton Harrison came to Claywater to bring her kidnapped son home. The last thing she expects is to run into Gabe Harrison, the man who abandoned her before her son was born. Her body might want to take up where they left off, but her heart remembers Gabe’s betrayal all too well—and everything she’d risk for momentary pleasure.

A past catching up to them…

Gabe always knew he’d share the love of his life with his twin brother, Sam, except he’d found that love far too young. He did the honorable thing and walked away, but now an adult Peyton is in his hometown and keeping secrets behind her world-weary eyes.

Sam is knee-deep in a drug investigation threatening the town he loves. Peyton’s arrival is a distraction he doesn’t need; still, he can’t deny her pull. He and Gabe have always stood together, but now the one woman they both want may be the one thing that divides them.

A future threatened…

When violence shatters their world, the past and present intertwine in ways none of them expected. Anticipating their enemy’s next move is the only way to keep their son safe, but what about their hearts?

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