Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sensual Thrusday {18}: You want me to do what?

Time once again for Sensual Thursday.  Today's snippet is coming from my current WIP, Benevolent Master, featuring Alyce's  reaction to finding out that her advisor has set up a more hands on approach for her thesis about power exchanges in the BDSM lifestyle.  

300 Word Snippet: 

“Here - I’ve written down the name of a club where I know the owner. Don’t worry, Dr. Ethan Tremaine is very discreet. Your ex won’t hear of your visit from him.” 
Alyce took the paper with trembling fingers. “And you think he’s a good place for me to start?” 
Her adviser nodded. “Not only is he into the lifestyle, Ethan has a thriving therapy practice in Napa Valley. While the club is very exclusive, if you go this Friday you’ll be able to get in.” 
“I will?” Her response came out as a croak as her nipples hardened behind her padded bra. Even though according to her very repressed, traditional ex, orgasms were only for men and loose women, her disobedient body still betrayed her at times like these.

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