Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Random Tuesday {7} I'm hungry...

So it's time for another Random Tuesday. And as I write this, I'm hungry again. Not the "oh my God, I'm so hungry I could chew my arm off" but the "Damn it, I got the munchies again" hunger.   I swear, at times I would rather have the first than the later - cause its the munchies that strikes  while I'm writing and just sitting on my butt.  It also packs on the pounds. Especially if I fall back on old favorites like  Reece's Pieces and Pepsi.  *glares at muse*  Don't even start! You're fat ass doesn't need candy! 

Whew...the muse is not to happy with my healthier lifestyle. She'd be content if I continued to drink heavily carbonated drinks and stuffed my face full of sweets.  But so far I'm resisting and have manged to shed a few pounds.  Below are my top five 'healthy snacks".

#5 - Bananas - easy to peel

Geez, no dick jokes please....but there is something really appealing about being able to grab one and start consuming it in less than 30 seconds.  

#4 - Single Serving Kettle Corn - just the right amount...

I absolutely love popcorn - since I was a child - to the point I'd eat a whole papersack of it. (Yep, my mom was one of those who used REAL butter and popped it on the stove.)  But now-a-days, when I want to something sweet and salty, I grab a bag of this from the cupboard...

#3 - Grapes and Cheese - sweet and salty...

I never thought I'd enjoy this kind of snack.  I love grapes, I love cheese...but together? It never crossed my mind until my local market started packaging them together in their deli.  Now, it's my newest junk food, and I can't get enough of it.  Maybe the Romans had it right?  

#2 - Pickles - tart and refreshing...

Hey, no jokes. I don't care if they resemble little penises or not. These are delicious and as long as I can keep my kids out of them, they are in ready supply at the Trace Household. 

#1 - Craisins (aka dried cranberries) - don't knock it til you tried it... 

These are my guilty pleasure. I love them. They not only are sweet, they are healthy, which means they satisfy my sweet tooth while taking care of my digestive tract.  I keep a bag of them on my desk for when those sudden munchies attacks happen. 


So did your favorite 'healthy' snack make my list?  If not, share! I'm always looking for something new to try.  



  1. I like carrots with either fat free ranch dressing or ranch dip made with Greek yogurt. I also love Greek yogurt with fruit when I want something sweet. I always get fat free varieties and generally the individual containers with fruit on the bottom or just a large container of plain and add my own fruit to it.

    1. Those all sound like wonderful suggestions, June. I love yogurt but have a hard time keeping it in the house because of the middle kidlet. She eats it like it's going out of style.