Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Takeover Wednesday {6}: Evelise Archer

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming a one of my besties in the writing word to A Little Bit of Naughty.  Evelise and I have been friends for nearly two years? Has it really been that long. *shakes head*  Wow, where does the time go?  Anyway, I'm excited to have her today (not only because she's a good friend - but because she always has a sexy hunk or two running around that she's willing to share.) With that being said...lets see who she's decided to share today....

The Music that drives my soul & fires my loins…..

Music is such an important part of many people’s lives, but as a Latina I think music drives my soul. I have a current play list that I’d love to share a few snippets with the readers of A Little Bit Naughty~ music that inspires me to run every day for health and peace of mind, music that inspires me to write.

1. La Gozadora~ Gente de Zona and Marc Anthony~ this songs talks about all the great Latin American countries and all the wonderful things we’ve gotten from them….food, music and good cheer.

2. Me Voy Enamorando~ Chino & Nacho~ love this song! It’s all about the power of LOVE.

3. Noche y de Día~ Enrique Iglesias with Yandel & Juan Magan~ let’s talk about a party and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE

4. Piensas~ Pitbull with Gente de Zona~ Making love Latin-style…oh yeah, tell the truth….it’s HOT~

So, now that you’ve had a little snippet of my music. Here’s something to fire your loins, en excerpt from my WIP~ Kristoph’s Freedom (M/M Paranormal) & Thank you Dakota for having me on today.

Kristoph placed light kisses, trailing down Diablo’s body until his lips came upon the object of his desire. He peeked his tongue out and ever so slightly licked the tip of Diablo’s bulbous cock head. His mate’s dick quivered at his touch. Wrapping his lips around the spongy knob, Kristoph suckled, drawing out the pre-cum, which started to pool. Moving up and down the long rod, he flattened his tongue and ran it along the prominent vein on the underside of his prize.

He reached for Diablo’s balls and rolled them in his hand, the silky hairs smooth in his palm. 

“Mmm, cariño, what a way to wake up. Please, don’t stop.” Kristoph smiled around the shaft at Diablo’s praise. Diablo paced his hand on his head, but didn’t push, allowing Kristoph to set the pace.

Hollowing his cheeks and relaxing the back of his throat, Kristoph took Diablo’s girth to the back of his throat and swallowed. He repeated the motion two, three times, all the while fondling Diablo’s sack.

Diablo panted and Kristoph knew the moment his mate would expel his seed. His balls drew close to his body and his dick thickened in his mouth. Diablo lost control, tossed his head back and pumped into Kristoph willing mouth. Kristoph quickly swallowed his mate’s offerings, not wanting to waste a drop. When Diablo spurt his last drop of cum, Kristoph gingerly allowed the man to slip from his mouth and gently kissed the tip of his dick.

Grabbed under his arms, Diablo hauled him up onto his chest and ravished his mouth, tasting himself on Kristoph’s lips.

“My beautiful mate, let me return the favor.” Kristoph peered at Diablo, slightly embarrassed and knew his face had turned red.


“I came when you did.” Kristoph replied and buried his face in Diablo’s chest.

“Oh holy fuck! That’s the hottest thing ever.” 

Kristoph looked up and smiled. “Yeah it was,” he tittered.

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