Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Moans {9}: Can inanimate be sexy...

Okay for the first time since I've started Monday Moans, an inanimate object made it onto my feature...and will probably have everyone saying...wait! where's the sexy men gone? 

However, while hunky men find their way on to my blog on a regular basis, it's not just males that can make a woman gasp or drool.  As a graphic artist, I'm always looking at tons of stock photos (for both myself and other authors) and it's not always a sexy set of abs or bedroom eyes that catch my attention.  

Point, in case...the picture below.  I was looking for stock for the second Cattail Club book and ran across this picture.   While it doesn't fit the branding I have going on with the Cattail Club, there was something about it that drew my eye.   Is it the stark contrast of the dark braided whip against the white branch? Or perhaps the warm glow coming from the right?  

I don't know. But it immediately struck a cord in my creatative I bought it for an entirely different book, one that will come out later this year.  (check out Random Tuesday tomorrow for a sneek peek at the finished cover as I talk about creating sexy covers.)   

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