Friday, July 17, 2015

Review: Rain by Taryn Kincaid

So when I'm not writing I try to squeeze in a bit of reading - and this week I dived back into a Beyond Fairytales story, by the delightful Taryn Kincaid.  As an author I've written for this line, so I know the challenges it represents - however as a reader, I find most of these tales whisk you away as they redo the classics. 

Title: Rain
Author: Taryn Kincaid
Length: 69 pages
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Sleeping Beauty in a post-apocalyptic land…

In a world gone mad, where little remains but a vast wasteland of sand, the leader of a troop of roving warriors welcomes a brave young woman into his midst.

Much as he burns for her, Major Clay Worthington swears to keep his distance from the mysterious woman, so sensitive even the stinging rain can wound her.

Rosina Brierly is besotted with the formidable soldier and will gladly trade her life for one torrid night of blissful passion in his arms.

But when sleep overcomes them, will true love prevail?


So what to say about Taryn's foray into the Beyond Fairytales line? Overall, I truly enjoyed it. I loved the spin she gave Nicodemus (he has a very strong presence in Rain).   I also got a giggle or two out of the Arthur references and the twist Ms. Kincaid put on the names for her characters. She kept them very close to the original tale. (For those of you who don't know Briar Rose  was actually Sleeping Beauty's name, in the original fairytale.)   

I felt very drawn to her hero.  Clay was a self-aware man. He knows his flaws as well as his own control. I have to say he put up the good fight before giving in.  I love a hero with a conscious. Of course it didn't hurt that the chemistry between Rosina and him was off the charts.  Frankly, I'm surprised they resisted as long as they did.  

Ms. Kincaid did a fairly good job, drawing me into her post apocalyptic world - however I will give this warning, as reader, you have to really pay attention to the storyline or you might find yourself scratching your head.  But if you enjoy a bit of intrigue, with a storyteller who isn't all he seems and love conquers all, this Beyond Fairytale is for you.  Which is why I give Rain 4 Naughty Handcuffs.   

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