Saturday, July 12, 2014

Taste the Rainbow Blog Hop - July 12 - 18th

I so love Draven St. James for putting this blog hop on. Not only have I been an avid reader of hers since the first Firehouse Six book came out, I've found that I have something in common with her.  About the same time she started writing m/m, so did I. *smiles* 

Anyhow, I'm happy to be part of this bloghop and look forward to checking out all the different stops.   As a writer, there's nothing I love more than writing a story where my characters find their own happily ever after, whether it's a m/f, m/m or even m/m/f, so personally I'm so ecstatic that my sister, Tonya and her lovely partner, Jenny are celebrating five years being married this year. In the day and age of quickie marriages and even faster divorces, it's a pleasure to see that my sister and her wife had made the five year mark. (I remember those days...Mr. Trace and I are looking at over 19 years together.) To me  that's the ultimate test of true love - (to love each other enough you stick together through thick and thin) 

Anyway, now for the fun part, what should I give away? Well, I guess that's a no brainer...right? Should be something hot and sexy, and have yummy men in it. Well, Healing Hark, which just came out yearly this year is full of yummy men. Three to be exact: Master Diachi Rai (a hot sexy American Japanese business consultant who takes control of his men), Harkahome Akula (a Lakota warrior, who's retirement from the military isn't going as well as planned) and Bryan Sterling (a hunky all american CEO who lives to take care of his men.) So if you like mm with a lot of BDSM thrown in, you should love Healing Hark. 

Want to win a copy? Just leave a comment below about who's relationships inspire you...whether they be m/m, m/f, or even f/f. I 'm a sucker for happily ever after stories. Just make sure you include your email addy, so I can email you if you win. 

Now go check out the rest of the fun. There are plenty of prizes to be had! 


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  1. the one relationship that always inspires me was my dads parents. his dad was a farmer by trade and was gone for long hours on the fields. and it was up to his mom to run the house. what always impressed me was how the two more or less understood what the other had to do in the marriage to make it work and they did and it was very successful. i always wanted a successful marriage like theirs

  2. my grandparents inspired me, they were married since they were 15 and never had a harsh word for each other for over 70 years.

  3. My parents' relationship really inspired me, especially the last few years before my dad passed away...


  4. My husband's parents (my in-laws) relationship inspires me. They were married young because she was pregnant, but have managed to have two children, successful careers, and stay together 45 years and counting. They had a lot of hardships when the we first married, his family was very mean to my mother-in-law for years. No matter the hardship, they stuck together. It's amazing.


  5. My brother and his partner. Having a relationship is hard enough but when it's not "acceptable" by either family, friends or society it makes it that much harder. I'm very proud of him for being who he is and staying with the person he loves.

    Shannon F

  6. My parents, they met when they were 16 and they are one of the strongest, most in love couples i have ever met.


  7. Both my parents and grandparents have had long and happy marriages and I inspire to be like them, not sure if I will be but I hope I can find the same happiness they have. My close friend from college also inspires me, his parents turned away from him when he came out and he nearly gave up when he met someone that inspired him to carry on. They recently married and I love them both so much, but sadly his parents never came to the wedding although his mother did send a card & gift, so small steps and hope for more in the future.

    1. PS meant to say thank you for the great giveaway and my email is slholland 30 (at) outlook (dot) com :D

  8. I would have to say it was my grandparents relationship that inspired me. They were together until they died.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  9. I have been trying to diversify my reading this year. While I read mostly m/f, I have added some m/m books to my list this summer. I plan on reading some f/f romances later in the summer.

    My cousin's relationship inspires me. She found love again at 77 years of age. She remained married to her guy until her death at 95. You never know when you might find love. You need to be open and hopeful.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I love finding new authors to read. Fingers crossed to win.

    Have a great weekend!

    skeeterlee63 @