Thursday, July 10, 2014

I've Begun a Journey

Last week a couple of things happened and is the way of life, one was really good, but the other not so good.  The first being that I stepped on the scales for the first time in over two years.  Combined with my higher than normal blood pressure, something had to be done about the excess weight I'm carrying around. 

When I left my job as a fork lift driver nearly five years ago, I was at 170 pounds, and just a little over weight for my 5 '1 frame. Due o the structure of my frame, my doctor at the time wanted me to lose about 30 pounds. I tried, then life got the better of me. I had my dream job of writing full time and being home but I was LAZY. I sat in front of my computer and snacked all day.  

Well, I'm sure you can figure out what happened. I gained some weight...a lot of it. My blood pressure went up and I'm now a candidate for Type II diabetes. (Something that runs heavily in my family.)  So I decided that I HAD to make some drastic lifestyle changes. No more 2 liters of Pepsi a day, and most of all, get off my LAZY ASS and exercise!  

I'll be forty next April and while I'd love to be at the same weight as I was in high school, I know that's probably never gonna happen. So instead I set some more manageable goals.   

Exercise Goals

To do 1200 minutes of Yoga in the next 30 days. Which works out to be about 40 minutes each day, and my yoga class is nearly an hour long.  I'll reevaluate in 30 days and see how I feel.

Weight Goals
Goal One - to be 190 pounds by the time I take my annual trip to Tennessee in October.  (Hey, that's only 13 weeks away...averages out to about 2 pounds a week)

Goal Two - to be 160 pounds by my birthday.  Why?  

Well, that has to do with my good news. I signed up last Monday for my first ever writer's conference. The Midwest Writer's Conference 2015. It's being held in Indianapolis, IN during the weekend of April 17th thru the 19th. (and about two weeks after my bday)   It's hard to believe I've been writing professionally since 2008 and haven't been to one.  

This one is actually being held close enough to my home in Iowa, that I can drive there in less than eight hours. *smiles*  So I'll be meeting up with one of my besties, Evelise Archer and a ton of other wonderful authors.  And heaven help me...I'll be all decked out in 70s garb for their theme party on Saturday night.  (Another reason to lose some weight.  Bell-bottom pants would not do me any favors at the moment.)  

Anyway, if you noticed, at the bottom of my blogger there are some new trackers that pertain to my health goals. They will be updated weekly as I continue to watch what I eat (via Weight Watchers) and exercise (via - the site I take my yoga classes on.)  

Perhaps when I'm brave enough (round the end of my thirty days), I'll post some before and after pictures. (I'm hoping some will be able to tell the weight difference.)  However in the end, whether it's because of the conference or health concerns, my goal is to be a better me. 

Wish me journey has just begun. 

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  1. Good for you Dakota I am routing you on!!! Go out there and tell that fat to go away!! :)

  2. You can do it! one day at a time.