Friday, July 4, 2014

House of Manlove's Hot Summer Flash: Free to Dance

Let Freedom Ring...that's what we're celebrating on this wonderful Fourth of July and that should include everyone.  I happen to have the pleasure of living in one of the states which has already legalized same sex marriage.  Which means that I was able to see my younger sister marry her partner of many years.  So this blog hop has a special place in my heart.   

So I'm proud to be one of the members of the House of Manlove who are bringing you wonderful flash pieces today.  As you hop, you'll find flashes that deal with one of two scenarios:  Freedom to Marry (like my flash, Free to Dance) and Midsummer Madness (a summer fling story like my alter-ego, ND is doing with Off-Limits).   Either way there will be plenty of sexy men to go around, so be sure to stop by each blog.

Freedom to Dance

“Allow me to present Mr. and Mr. Brenner – Claxton.” Reverend Phillips announced as he turned them to face the gathered family and friends. A cheer went up and the guests stood. 

Adam’s heart filled with happiness as he looked down at his new husband. Now, that had a ring to it, he thought. Standing next to him, with his dark auburn hair mussed, Conner was just as sexy in the tux he’d donned for their nuptials as he had been the first time Adam had set eyes on him.…

“Who’s the new guy?” Adam yelled over the pounding bass. He nudged his friend, Thomas, and pointed to the little red-headed twink dancing in front of the long shiny pole on the center stage of the Wood Strip Club, a favored haunt of shifters and humans alike. His groin grew tight as the man in question caught ahold of the pole and swung himself around in an aerial display of raw strength and masculinity. 

“Damned if I know, but I’d take a piece of that.” Thomas growled. “Just look at that ass. So tight you could bounce quarters off it.” 

Adam dug his fingers into the scarred table that kept his erection from view as his bear stirred. “Mine!” The idea of the dancer going home with anyone other than him tonight made Adam want to tear into any male poaching on his territory. 

Thomas must’ve recognized the threat in his tone, because his friend and Beta held up his hands. “Whoa, chill down the testosterone, buddy. If you want him that damned bad, far be it from me to stand in your way.” Thomas leaned in. “Calm your shit, before you shift right here and scare all the little humans away.”

He forced out a ragged breath, realizing his fangs were pressing his lower lip and his nails had lengthened. “Sorry. I don’t know what came over me.” 

Thomas smacked him on the shoulder. “If I had to say, fate just stepped up and planted a great big old kiss on your lips. Your single days of boffing everything with a pulse are over…” 

And how right his friend had been, Adam mused. Connor, as he’d later found out his mate’s name was, had ended up marked before they’d even left the club. He hadn’t been able to resist. Especially once he’d snuck into the dancer’s dressing room and been surrounded by the most delicious scent… 

“What are you doing in here? Other than fondling my clothes?” 

Sitting on the battered couch, Adam looked up from the silk dress shirt he’d been rubbing his fingers over to the owner of said shirt. Standing just inside the dressing room, wearing nothing more than his sweat and a short dressing gown, the dancer looked good enough to eat. 

“I watched you dance tonight.” His voice came out husky as he laid his cards on the table. “I want you.” 

The dancer’s slim shoulders slumped. “Look, don’t take it personally, but what I do up on stage is an act. It’s meant to tantalize and encourage the patrons to spend their cash. However, I never date customers, nor am I promiscuous. So if you’re looking for a hook-up, a one-night stand, or a fling, I’m not interested. I’m not about to bare my throat or drop to my knees in submission because you happen to be the Alpha of the nearest bear pack.” 

Dropping the shirt on the cushion next to him, Adam stood. “First of all, if I caught you dating anyone, I’d probably rip his arms off, and second? There is little chance of you leaving this room unmarked.” He stepped up to the smaller man. When he was close enough he could feel the other man’s heat, he held out his hand. “I’m Adam Brenner and you, baby, are my destined mate.” 

A chuckle nearly passed his lips as he offered his arm to Connor. His mate gave him a confused look, which he just smiled at. It was the same look Connor had given him before he’d pressed his smaller mate up against the closed door of the dressing room…

“Wait.” Fingers buried themselves in Adam’s hair, attempting to pull his mouth away from the tempting feast under his lips. A low rumble escaped his throat. His bear did not like the fact their mate was denying them. “Please, we need to talk about this…”

He ran his hand up under the edge of the short robe to cup one taut globe of his mate’s ass. “About?” He nudged aside the collar of the robe, seeking more the delicious scent – this time directly from the source. 

“This! It’s not supposed to be like this. There’s an order we have to follow.” Connor’s chest heaved under his exploring tongue. 

“You don’t say…” He toyed the belt securing the robe that hid his mate’s body from him. It took little effort on his part to untie it. His bear’s claws shredded the double knot with ease. 

“But…aren’t we supposed to date first, get to know each other, then we appear before the Council…” Connor’s face flushed when Adam pushed the offending material off his shoulders. 

“Like they are going to deny me my mate.” Adam growled, his eyes raking over the lightly muscled form in front of him. His gaze dropped to the long, slender cock standing out from his mate’s groin. He wrapped a calloused palm around the flesh, savoring the way his mate leaked over his fist. Connor arched toward him, his hands clawing at Adam’s shirt. “Mine.” He eyed the spot between Connors neck and shoulder. It would be the perfect spot for his bite. He growled and leaned forward. 

“Wait!” Connor jerked free of his hold. 

He narrowed his gaze. “You’re refusing my mark?” It was the last thing he’d expected. 

The smaller man shook his head, his eyes raking over Adam. “I…before you do, I want more than a lust filled weekend, here and there.” 

Taking a deep breath, he understood his mate’s fears. Shifters were notorious for mating, then abandoning their mates until the next full moon brought the return of the mating frenzy. Except for his pack. Once a Brenner Bear mated, that was it. “Once I claim you, you’re mine. We shall live together, love together…” 

Hope filled Connor’s eyes. “Love?” 

He nodded. 

Connor chewed on his lip. “Does it mean I’ll have to give up my dancing?” 

He pulled the smaller man into his arms. “You’ll always be free to dance…” he nuzzled the man’s shoulder, licking the skin, prepping it for his mark. “…as long as I get to watch.” Then he sank his fangs deep. His mate cried out and the scent of spilled seed reached his nose as Connor crested in his arms…

“Good thoughts, husband?” Connor whispered as Adam guided him back down the aisle. 

“Only the best, baby.” He lifted Connor’s hand to his lips.

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  1. I liked the memory of their first meeting interspersed with their present wedding day. Well done, Dakota!

    1. it was the only way I could think to intertwine the two...and still keep it under the 1200 words. I'm horrible...there's a reason I write Novel length stories.


  2. LOVED this it was sexy and hot!

  3. I, too, liked the intertwining of past and present. Nicely done!

    1. Thanks Anne, I tried. I definitely wasn't expecting the shifter twist. Dang muse anyway.

  4. All of the above, great story :)

  5. Yummy, Connor and Adam. They're adorable!

    1. I'm seriously thinking this may morph into a full length story. *sigh*

  6. So good! Love the last two lines. Makes me smile.