Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Spanking A - Z Challenge {I}ce

Okay here's the scoop, I've joined the Spanking Challenge A-Z. The idea is to start with A and make your way through the alphabet, a letter a day. So this is how it will work. I will post a new letter each day...except on Saturdays which is already full with two other weekly posts. By the end of the month, I should reach Z...so why not join me and root me on?  

A word of warning however...although it's not necessarily supposed to be sexually themed challenge - just an effort to get me blogging more frequently, Livvy may have other ideas.  We all know that rascally muse of mine won't let me get away with posting something mundane or platonic, so don't be surprised if most, if not all my posts have a sexual vibe to them. 

With that being said....lets welcome letter I! 

So many wonderful sinful things can be done with something as simple as a sliver of ice.  I think the general world was shocked when during the movie, 9 1/2 weeks when John (played my Mickey Rourke) decides to bring several food items including ice into the bedroom.  As a young teen when the movie came out, I remember listening to my mother's horror.  But as an adult myself, now I found the movie to be quite sensual and yes even erotic at times, even though I don't care for how it ended.  No matter how I was disappointed by the movie, I found the ice scene lingering in my subconcsious and it eventually found it's way into my earlier books.  

Enjoy!  And don't forget to stop by the rest of the A-Z bloggers! 

Snippet from the Gardener:

Alexa gasped as she was pushed down onto her bed. Caleb had stripped off his shorts and pressed his naked body against hers. Pinning her hands above her head, he pressed open mouthed kisses against her quivering flesh. When he picked up the restraints he’d installed shortly after they became intimate, she offered him her hands. Anticipation flowed through her veins. She hid a smile as he tethered first one wrist and then the other. She loved the intense look he always got on his face when he tied her up.
“Not too tight?“
She pulled experimentally on her restraints. “No, sir. “ Even to her own ears, her voice sounded breathless.
Every time, he tied her up, she gave complete control of her pleasure to him. Satisfying her until she was a puddle under him was a talent he had. She tried not to dwell on where he’d acquired the knowledge. Even being at least ten years her junior, he had more sexual confidence than her dead husband had.
After securing her legs, she watched as he stepped back from the bed to simply admire his handiwork. Spread eagle across the silk counterpane of her bed, she was sure she made the tempting image. Stifling a protest as he turned away, she tried to calm herself. She’d learned the hard way he would come to her when he was ready. No amount of begging would sway him.
Her eyes widened when she saw the tray of ice cubes in his hand. Setting it on the stand next to the bed for easy access, he leaned down and kissed her before pulling back.
"Damn, it was hot out today, almost as hot as you look. I think you need something to cool down you down." Pulling one of the ice cubes out of the tray he stuck inside his mouth before taking it out and running it across the soft flesh of her stomach. A moan escaped her at the icy touch of it. She held her breath when he traced up her ribcage. Is he going to rub that on my nipples? When he stopped just short of her breasts, she wondered why he was waiting, until he leaned down and ran his tongue over one and then other. A shriek filled the room as he followed his tongue with the ice. The sharp contrast of heat and cold was enough to make her jerk against her restraints. Ah, he’s going to drive me crazy with that ice cube!
"Are you still hot?" When she nodded, he grinned devilishly. "I'll have to work on that." Placing a soft kiss on her navel, he explored it briefly before he slid farther down the bed. When his head was level with her spread legs, he settled comfortably on his elbows.
Alexa gasped when she felt the coolness of the ice followed by the hot flame of his tongue. When he ran it up her inner thigh, she held her breath. She exhaled sharply when he nipped the tender skin between her thigh and pussy. Shaking with desire, she couldn’t believe how easily he pushed her to the edge. Every time she let him tie her up, she knew he would make her come so hard with his inventiveness.
"Patience, Alexa.”
"Please..." Tugging on her bonds she tried to keep from begging. Begging doesn’t do any good. He’ll let me come when he’s ready.
"Soon." His promise was whispered against her most sensitive flesh. One hand reached up to pinch at her hard nipples while the other ran the melting ice cube over her bare folds. Pleasure shot down to her inner thighs. When she finally started to plead with him, he lifted his head.
"Please, Caleb, Sir. I'll do anything."

"Anything?" He gave the crease of her leg a slow lick.

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