Saturday, April 26, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {17}:Don't push your luck...

Once again it's time for some Seductive Studs & Sirens.  this week I'm going to give you a tidbit from Wolfen Bonds (a m/m/f shifter), the first book in the Taghte Pack Series. It's currently in edits with Loose ID  Enjoy your glimpse of Andy and Matthias. 


It seemed like hours, but Matthias knew by the clock it had only been forty-five minutes when the door creaked open, silhouetting Andy’s naked form. A soundless growl built in his throat when his lover hesitated. If it hadn’t been for a sound farther down the hall, he was sure Andy would have stood in the opening forever. When the rectangle of light was cut off, it had little effect on Matthias’s vision. Through his human eyes, his wolf watched as Andy slipped inside the bathroom without acknowledging him. The click of the lock had his wolf pacing. It was as unhappy as he was that their mate hid from him.

Staring at the clock, he listened for the shower to come on. It took nearly ten minutes before his sensitive ears picked up the sound of spraying water. Shoving the blankets aside, Matthias made his way to the closed door. As his hand hovered over the knob, he contemplated the wisdom of forcing himself into the bathroom. More than anything he wanted to be under the pounding spray with Andy. But would it be worth trying to explain the damage to the Elders downstairs? The resulting blow out that was sure to ensue if he and Andy went at it made his stomach churn. Deciding to err on the side of caution, he stepped back from the door to return to the bed. He’d resumed his position in the bed, wondering what would occur when his mate finally came out of the bathroom. 

A few minutes later, the door unlocked and Andy appeared in the doorway, drying off his hair. It was getting long again, and he was in a dire need of trim. Matthias sighed when Andy dropped the towel to the floor. Some things never changed, whether the man was angry at him or not, he was still every inch a slob. As Andy moved to the dresser, Matthias supported his upper body on one arm as he stared at his lover’s back and tight ass. As usual his cock rose to the occasion. “Unless you want whatever you put on shredded, I wouldn’t advise it.”

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