Sunday, April 27, 2014

Healing Hark Blog Tour & Wrap Up Winners!

I'd like to take a quick minute to thank not only all the wonderful hosts that allowed Livvy to run amok on their blogs, but also the wonderful readers who followed each stop and/or took time out of their busy schedules to attend the wrap up party. Without you fine people, I wouldn't be able to do what I do.   So thank you so much!  

Now with that being said,  here's a recap of the lucky winners. :) 

Blog Tour Stops

Day 1 - LeeTee - a copy of Nisey's Awakening
Day 2 - Terry G - a copy of Taming Kalinda
Day 3 - Carly - a copy of Conquering Jude
Day 4 - JuneM - a copy of Myrna's Submission
Day 5 -  Tracy - a copy of Saving Micah
Day 6 - Misty - a copy of Choosing Rena
Day 7 - Cathy - a copy of Gabriel's Light
Day 8 - Julie - a copy of Healing Hark

Wrap Up Party Winners

Door Prize Winner - Ann -  a copy of Tales of Submission
Contest 1 - Cindy - a set of Doms of Chicago Trading Cards
Contest 2 - Stephanie - a copy of Doms of Chicago, Boxed Set 1 (books 1-4)
Contest 3 - Jessie - a ARC of Doms of Chicago, Boxed Set 2 (books 5-8)
Contest 4 -  Carly - a copy of Exploring Her Submission
Every Stop Winner - Sheri - a copy of Analise's Journey
Grand Prize Winner: 
Tracy - a complete set of Doms of Chicago books (1-8) 

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