Saturday, February 22, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {8}:Healing Hark (MMM-BDSM)

Once again it's time for me to join the wonderful peeps over at Seductive Studs and Sirens. This week I'm once again bringing you a snippet from Healing Hark. This intense little snippet comes from a frank conversation that Diachi has with his submissive with Bryan.  Unbeknownst to Bryan, Diachi has a plan to heal Hark - as long as Bryan agrees to it.  Enjoy and don't forget to stop by the rest of the peeps.



Diachi looked into Bryan’s eyes. “Do you trust me? And know that I would do nothing to hurt you?” 
Bryan gazed at him uneasily, but the love in his eyes never wavered. “Of course, Master.” 
“I want to give you to Hark during your hours at work. He needs to be reminded what it means to be responsible for another. That his actions or lack of them will affect another.” 
“Master?” The bewilderment in his tone wasn’t a surprise but the hint of panic was. 
“Shh, I’m not tired of you. He will merely be an extension of me while you’re at Sterling Foods. He will report any infractions back to me, and generally take care of you as I would.” 
A shuddering breath escaped Bryan. “An extension? What if he asks me to service him, Master?” 
Diachi struggled with himself, before answering. “Then you have my permission to do so, but I know Hark. I doubt as skittish as he is that he’ll ask such a thing. The man I remember will be reluctant to take something that isn’t his.” He brushed his fingers over his lover’s cheek. “But if he does, and you feel comfortable doing what he asks, then I want you to do it.”

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  1. oh, don't stop there! lol Can't wait to read Hark's reaction to all of this...

  2. Phew, I soooooo love MMM + D/s. I need to check this out!

  3. oo this is wonderful :) Off to find the first book :)