Thursday, June 27, 2013

Naughty Night's 2nd Anniversary Blog Hop


So I haven't done one of these in a while, and after talking to a fellow author friend, it looked like it might be fun so I decided to join in, so here I am. 

Of course, I have no books out with NNP as of yet, but I have read several which I have trully enjoyed and supporting a publisher who puts out my kind of reading material sounded like a good idea.  Even though I'm a writer, first and foremost I'm a reader.  Honestly I don't think you can have one without the other.

I absolutely of everything about erotica and erotic romance. Which is probably why I've chosen to write it.  There's something about sizzling chemistry between humans that regardless of their orientation or combination that just makes my breath catch and I have to read every last page before I can put a book down.  

And we all have our favorite authors who turned us onto erotic romance, BDSM romances, paranormal erotica or m/m erotica.  I have favorites in all these catagories.  

Erotic Romance: Lora Leigh, Angela Knight
BDSM Romances: Cherise Sinclair, Tyber Dalton
Paranormal Erotica: Marie Harte, Eve Langlais
M/M Erotica: Kim Dare, Sean Michael

Now that I've spilled the beans, tell me who you love to read and I'll be enter you in to win two of any of my books off my backlist.   Seems pretty easy huh?  Because it is.  Just comment below and make sure you leave your email so I can get ahold of you if you win. will be choosing the winner on July 4th! 

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to visit the rest of the peeps on the hop. I hear they are having plenty of fun. 

1. J S Morbius  11. elodie parkes erotic romance  21. Tamsin Baker  
2. Liv Honeywell  12. DD Symms  22. Cassandre Dayne  
3. Tessa Wanton's Dark Desires  13. Sharita Lira  23. Erzabet Bishop  
4. Angelica Dawson  14. Books Books and More Books  24. Erzabet's Enchantments  
5. Gemma Parkes  15. A Page In The Life: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy  25. Liz Adams  
6. Delena Silverfox  16. Suzzana C Ryan  26. Phoenix Johnson  
7. Naomi Shaw  17. Morticia Knight  27. Hennessee andrews  
8. DC Juris  18. Tom Covenent  28. AJ Wiliams  
9. Dakota Trace  19. erotic musings of Mark Davis  29. Tonya's Tales  
10. DenysĂ© Bridger  20. LipSmackin GoodBooksđź’‹  30. Naughty Ever After 

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  1. Angela Knight and Marie Harte are on my list. I would add Josh Lanyon.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  2. I agree about Kim Dare and Sean Michael! I'd also add Eden Winters, Damon Suede, Tara Lain (especially her m/m/f menage books), Josephine Myles, and KA Mitchell (among a whole host of others)! I believe Erica Pike has some NNP titles--I really like her m/m!


  3. I like a lot of those authors, but I also love Kitty Thomas, Annabel Joseph, Kallypso Masters and Candace Blevins.


  4. Nicky Charles, Kallypso Masters, Eve Langlois, Heather Killough-Walden, Dakota Trace, Cherise Sinclair & JR Ward just to name a few.

  5. I have soooo many favorites but my all-time favorites are Candace Blevins, Cherise Sinclair, Eve Langlais, Kitty Thomas, Sam Crescent just to name a very small amount!

    susanmplatt AT Hotmail DOT com

  6. Hi Dakota! Just surfing thru the blog hop! May many more readers find you! Muah!

  7. Love your site.....and I am hopping

  8. Angela Knight and Marie Harte are on my list. I would add Josh Lanyon.

  9. Hi Dakota!
    Just to add a few....there are so many in this genre now, it is wonderful!!
    M/M, I like Liz Borino
    Erotic Romance, Summer Marsden
    BDSM, way too many choices to go to ;)


  10. Hi Dakota! I would love to win a book of yours. I love reading other writers to see how they write. :)

    Liz Adams Books at Gmail dot com (no spaces)

  11. JR Ward

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  12. Enjoyed reading your post!
    Lora Leigh, Kallypso Masters & Lily Harlem
    Thank you for the giveaway & deciding to join this hop!

    JessieL62 AT comcast DOT net

  13. I love Lora Leigh, Angela Knight, Linda Howard, Jayne Ann Krentz, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kim Dare, Joyee Flynn and Lynn Hagen to name a few.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  14. Lora Leigh was the first erotic romance writer I really got hooked on. Now that I'm reading lots of M/M, I love Amy Lane and Piper Vaughn. I also love all of Cherise Sinclair's stories of BDSM love. For sexy contemporary, I still pick up Lori Foster and Rachel Gibson. My horror needs are met by Stephen King and Dean Koontz.
    Now you know more about me than the people at work!
    Thanks for being part of the blog hop. What fun!

  15. Hi! I love anything with romance. *sigh* And the spicy scenes too! :D There are so many great and awesome authors out there! Way to many to name! A few of my favorites are Laurann Dohner, Diana Palmer, Shayla Black, Lora Leigh, Maya Banks and tons of others! Thank you for sharing and participating! Best wishes to you hun!