Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday AfterDark Moments {10}: Obedience

Hey peeps it's once agian time for a Saturday AfterDark Moment. This time I took a stock picture I recently purchased for the creation of a new cover for my upcoming serial, Jamison's Redemption, and revisited my couple from a previous AfterDark Moment.  I hope you enjoy Obedience.  And be sure to hit up the other peeps who participated this week. There links are below. 


Saturday AfterDark Moments {10}: Obedience 

Shifting against my bonds, I tried to not feel exposed. This wasn’t the first, or even the second time I’d offered my body up to Sir’s camera. Our first time in a secluded cabin in the woods had opened my eyes to the possibilities, while our night out at a small Italian bistro had cemented our relationship. Each subsequent shoot had brought us one step closer to this moment. 

“Beautiful Samantha. Absolutely beautiful.” The click of the shudder and the whirl of the advancer was familiar. I relaxed in against the shackles holding my arms above my head. Balanced on my tiptoes, I could feel the unseen tendrils of mist teasing my skin, the brush of my hair against my bare back, and of course the building desire in breasts and sex as my Sir stepped close enough for me to smell his cologne. The blind fold he’d chosen for me, kept me in a dark sensual world even as it heightened my other senses. 

“Thank you, Sir.” The words passed my lips on a sigh.

“No, I should be thanking you.” His lips whispered over my shoulder, sending shards of pleasure through me. “For…your trust,” the word was pressed against my spine causing gooseflesh to cover my back. “…for your submission.” The wet flick of his tongue against the base of my spine made me moan as my Sir teased my flesh. Liquid desire coated my thighs. I needed him, wanted his domination. Would he actually give me the ultimate gift tonight? 

“Sir, please…´ I clenched my thighs together to relieve my ache. 

“Spread them, Samantha.” His order was firm but soft. 

I groaned, but obeyed. Shuffling my legs apart, I awaited his next command. I nearly disobeyed when I heard it.

“Do not come.” Then the hot flick of his tongue over my weeping folds as he stroked up and down my bare flesh consumed me. A foreign male hiss before the click of the camera only accented the slow, devastating caress Sir gave my clit, before he parted me and exposed my tender insides for the camera. I gritted my teeth and jerked against the chains as his warm breath now cool teased my overheated sex. 


He hummed against me, his lips tugging at me until I thought for sure I’d disobey. The need to come kept building as the shutter of camera continued. My legs began to tremble in an effort keep from giving into the pleasure. I had to wait. Then two of Sir’s fingers invaded me, rubbing over the sensitive tissues. “Come.” His command was breathed against my clit as his fingers thrust deep. 

“Shit.” I tossed my head back, exposing my collar to the camera as the pleasure rushed over me, shaking me to my core. 

“Damn, Jeff, you’re going to love these pictures.” The voice of Sir’s assistant barely registered as I floated back down. “The look on her face is exquisite – a perfect blend of lust, pleasure and obedience.”

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  1. You have transcended Samantha's obedience with the presence of his assistant. Wouldn't it be fair to say she got off on both of them enjoying her discipline under her Master's eye and the assistant too? Very erotic and relieving finale.

  2. How incredibly sexy. Total command. Love it!

  3. Damn, time to crank up the swamp cooler. That was smoking I could tell that's going to be a flaming scene, based off the pic.

  4. ttssss!!! That's a squirming-reader scene, hon! For a sub to be forced to be on display for others...knowing the pleasure THEY receive...also gives her pleasure! Great job, sexy read! Keep writing, your readers await! Muah!