Saturday, January 5, 2013

Work in Progress: His Just Desserts

Gabriel Macht - aka Sean Whitcomb

My Debonair Lawyer 

As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, I've got three books I want to work on during the first quarter of the year. And today I want to spotlight one that's almost completed but I've had a blast writing. But first let me tell you how it came about. Most don't realize I'm a foodie. I absolutely love to watch the Food Network, The Cooking Channel and am always trying out new recipes on my poor unsuspecting family. With this being said, when I saw a call through one of my publishers for a Foodie romance, I was immediately intrigued. Of course, the food is only one star of the book. In my novella, His Just Desserts, Banana's Foster might start the flame, but it most definitely is my main characters, Sean Whitcomb and Isaiah Waterston who are the fuel. 

That's right, they both are men and to make it even more interesting I put them smack dab in the middle of the midwest - Des Moines, Iowa to be exact. Which is interesting in itself because most may not realize it but Iowa is one of the few states at the moment that has legalized gay marriage. So I thought it was fitting. Anyway, I've included the blurb for Isaiah and Sean's story, and as a special treat there's a short excerpt along with some eye candy of who I imagine my Sean and Isaiah to be while writing their steamy story. Enjoy!

Shemar Moore as Isaiah

The Sexy Chef

Growing up in a foster home in a small Midwest town, Sean Whitecomb planned from the day he turned sixteen to somehow escape. And he does to the big city of Des Moines at a lawyer’s firm. Now up for a shot at a partnership, Sean needs to deliver the goods, and it's not what he thinks. No, it's family style meal for the founding partners and their spouses. Which causes Sean a major issue, because not only is he single gay man, but he can’t cook to save his life and his boss is expecting a home cooked meal – complete with a family or there will be no partnership offer.

In desperation, Sean turns to the man he left behind in his pursuit of the golden ring, Isaiah Waterston. Not only is Isaiah hot enough to still turn Sean’s crank but he’s also a world class chef at one of the hottest eateries in town. Now all he has to do is convince the man he’d left behind to give him a single night of his time, prepare a mouth-watering meal and pretend to be his lover for a few hours. Sounds easy right? Well it is until Isaiah attaches his own stipulations – he wants an entire weekend with Sean at his mercy.

Excerpt (Adult):

Tucking his hands into the back pockets of his jeans, Isaiah met him head on. “I shouldn’t have said what I said last night. I was pissed. I didn’t think you’d agree to it. So to apologize I brought over some of your favorite morning pastries. You still like kolaches, right?”

Swallowing roughly, Sean set his briefcase down on the desk. “Yeah, I still love them.” Panic was building in him. Isaiah couldn’t back out now. To cover his reaction, he reached for one of the steaming pastries on the plate. “I can’t blame you for being angry.” He took a bite out of the treat, moaning softly at the hint of nutmeg, cinnamon, and apricots exploded over his tongue, along with the lightly sweetened dough. He swallowed. “Delicious as usual.” 

“Don’t sidetrack me with compliments, Whitcomb. I was an asshole last night and…” Isaiah sounded frustrated.

“You had every right to be. I left. I didn’t try to compromise. I wanted what I wanted and left you behind.” 

“But that doesn’t give me the right to demand sexual favors in return. What I did last night was no better than what some damn rapist would claim…” 

Sean’s blood ran cold even as his temper ignited. It normally took a long time for him to get mad, but there were certain topics which just pushed his buttons. And the man in front of him claiming to be no better than some common rapist, set him off. “Wait a God-damned minute, Isaiah Waterston. Don’t you even compare yourself to scum like that.” He stalked around the desk to corner his baby. Backing Isaiah up against the wall next to the window, he pinned him in with his hands on either side of Isaiah’s head. Using his height to his advantage, he crowded close enough that they were pressed together from thighs to chest. Grinding his hips against Isaiah’s, he kept his eyes locked with Isaiah's as he let the other man feel the length of his hardening cock. 

“Sean…” Isaiah’s lips parted and his name came out on a gasp. 

“Does that feel like I’m being forced to do anything?” 

Isaiah shook his head. “No, but…” 

“No buts. I’ve been like this since we made our arrangement last night. We have a verbal agreement, and I’ll sue your ass for breach of contract if you back out now.” He squeezing his eyes shut and buried his face in the side of Isaiah’s neck, inhaling the lingering scent of kolaches and Isaiah’s cologne. Rubbing his nose against Isaiah’s skin, he lifted his head enough to directly whisper into his ear. “And I’m a damned fine lawyer. I’d win, do you understand?” 

“I…yeah….” Isaiah moaned softly when Sean slid one hand down to cup his ass and rock Isaiah against him. “…okay…you win.” 

Growling softly, Sean nipped at his ear, just like he’d imagined Isaiah doing to him last night. “That’s right. We will win. You will come over and cook…” he laved the abused flesh with tongue. “…we’ll be reunited lovers…which will be the truth…” he ground his erection against Isaiah’s. “…and when they’re gone you can make me desert and…then have me…” he blew softly into Isaiah’s ear, before trailing his lips over Isaiah’ jaw line, stopping just short of the corner of Isaiah’s lips. “…any way you want all weekend long….all you have to do is accept the fact I want it…” 

“Then prove it.” Isaiah drove his fingers into Sean’s hair. 

“How?” Sean taunted, lifting his head to lock eyes with Isaiah. “What do I have to do?”

“Give up your control to me for one afternoon while we shop. If you can do it, I’ll quit protesting…” Then he twisted and fused their mouths together, his kiss desperate.

A low rumble built inside Sean’s chest as their tongues tangled together. Things were good. He’d go with Isaiah to the market, allow the man to control their outing. It would work out: Isaiah wouldn’t run…for now. And Sean?? Well he would be one step closer to reclaiming what he lost.


  1. food and hot men i so want to read it!!

  2. Glad you like it. I'm really hoping the publisher will pick it up. :)
    Thanks for stopping by Ellie!

  3. Ohhhh YUM!! Serious hotness and foodies?! And Shemar Moore as inspiration?! Holy Hotness!!! I sure hope to read this fairly soon but I'll try to restrain myself and wipe up the drool off the keyboard and be patient! ;)

    Lee (Alisa)

  4. Lee,
    Well, I just wrote the end on the first draft, so now it's off to my editors and beta readers. Hopefully it will be picked up by Decadent.