Friday, January 4, 2013


Okay, all of those who've been in the industry for any length of time have heard of the conventions. Whether it's RomantiCon, which Ellora's Cave hosts every year, RWA's writing convention or even  Jimmy Thomas's new RNC Convention being held in Vegas in August, there seems to be a pleather of them.  So what's the deal with this? Is it a time for authors to come in and let down their hair and party hard for a couple of days. Or is it more along the lines of allowing the readers to meet their favorite authors?  I'm not a hundred percent sure, honestly. I've heard from many of an author that they are a great time - you get to meet other fellow authors, have some wonderful workshops and even learn a few new things.   Then of course you hear the rumors how there is all night partying and peeps in the halls all hours of the night before dragging their butts to bed only to get up a few hours later to hit one of the workshops.  So which is true? 

Honestly I don't know. You might not believe this but I happen to be a Conference virgin. I've never once been to a writing conference. I've been writing for nearly five years. Hmmm...I think it will be five years in July? *scratches head* Yep, The Chocolate Made Me Do It  came out in July of 2008.  Can you believe I actually had to go look. *sighs*  Another trait you can chock up to an absent minded Dakota.  Anyway as I was saying. I'm pretty landlocked. I live in the great state of Iowa, which grows corn, not potatoes...and the closest one of these conferences might get to me is Chicago - which happens to be over five hours away, and in the past I haven't found the benefit in spending the amount of money I'd have to spend to travel that far. However, this year I'm losing my virginity - my conference virginity that is.   I have actually signed up and paid for two.  

The first one is going to be in  May.  It's a workshop/conference being put on by Dr. Charlie Ferrer called BDSM Workshop 2013 IOWA.   I look forward to it, with the workshops on BDSM and even villianology. However, I worry a bit about the mixer thing.  I'm a lurker, not a social butterfly. LOL. 

The second one I will be attending will be a big leap of faith for me. I'm taking the Amtrack all the way to  Flagstaff Arizona to attend Unlimitedcon. This is a full fledged conference put on my one of my publishers, No Boundaries Press.  Not only will I get my first cross country train ride, I'm actually going to get to see the Rocky Mountains and physically meet my boss for the first time.  *falls over*  

Either way I'll be sure to let you know how my first time at writer conventions and workshops went.  

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