Sunday, January 6, 2013

Series books?

Okay, I've come to the conclusion, you're either a series person or you're not. Some readers love to revisit old characters while reading a book while others don't.  I've come to the conclusion as an author, I love writing series. But it can be a challenge. When I sit down to write on of my Doms of Chicago books, it's like coming home to a pair of warm fuzzy slippers, but in the long run it's also the hardest, because I have to remember to put enough background information in the following books that if a reader picks up one of the books in the middle of the series they can easily pick up the storyline and not be lost.  Nothing is more frustrating than reading a book, not realizing it's a middle book of a series and then being lost.  So it's a pitfall all us authors have to remember when we're writing. 

So what about when reading? I read just as much if not more than I write.  I'm a true book-aholic.  And as such a I love series books, because if they're done right, I fall in love and then the author ends up on my auto-buy list because I want to see what's going on.  So what series do you love to read?  I have several I'm reading over various genres.  Below is what is currently on my e-reader. (there are tons more than this that I do follow, but come on my Kindle can only hold so many books. 

  • Anitra Lynn McLeod - Seven Brothers for McBride (a sci-fi, vampire, m/m series)
  • Eve Langlais - Freakin' Series (paranormal m/f shapeshifters)
  • Sean Michael - Hammer Series (bdsm, m/m series)
  • Karen Mercury - How the West Was Done Series (m/m/f western, historical series) 
  • Laurann Dohner - New Species Series (m/f shapeshifter series)

and of course I can't forget my all time favorite series...which I'm waiting impatiently for the author to add more new releases. I swear she can't write them fast enough to please me. 
  • Marie Harte's  Circ's Recruits, Dawn Endeavor and  PowerUp series. 


  1. Oh I love series! I really do love getting glimpses of former characters who I fell in love with too! I'm sooo enjoying the Hammer series and just started the Freakn' series and the New Species series!

    Lee (Alisa)

  2. Lee,
    Sean Michael is almost always an auto-buy for me. I love everything he puts out. Even his Velvet Glove series. I'm reading, the most recent book in Eve's series right now - Jungle Freakin' Bride. It's good.
    Happy Reading.

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  4. I love series! And Eve is a favorite author of mine (love her funny, sexy stories).