Monday, January 7, 2013

What do I read?

In yesterday's post, I talked a bit...well a lot about the serials, why I write them, the down falls in them and also which ones I love to read.  So this fed naturally into today's post. So what does Dakota read?  Well, she reads a wide variety of erotic romance, erotica, and even *gasp* research books.  Yep, I love to read and while I will admit that romance is my favorite genre, it doesn't exclude other types of books. In the past month I've read everything from m/m books and m/m/f books to books on Czech cooking, BDSM practices and even a manual on how to tie off different knots.  So I read pretty much everything that's placed in front of me.   But I'll let you in on a little secret, I've found my reading material greatly relies on my mood.  So below is a little cheat sheet to my reading habits.

BDSM books -  when I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by my real life. I love to slip into a something a bit more risque than just your average erotic love scene. It's all about the power exchange. Just like the sub in the book gives over her control to her Dom, I give up the stress to indulge in the fantasy - for a brief time.

M/M books - when I just want to feel good.  These books for what ever reason lift me right up and make me want to cheer for the underdog.  (I guess I see m/m couples as the ultimate underdogs - they go for what they want and say screw what society thinks - not that the idea of two men together isn't HAWT!)

M/M/F - when I want to feel naughty and just a little bit risky. To me this is the ultimate high.  Having a threesome where all three members are hot and bothered and don't care who they end up kissing or feeling up, is an instant rush for me.

M/F - this is simply when I'm in a lovey dove mood.  I'm in love with the whole world, or the hubby has done something incredibly sweet - like take the kids off my hands for a few hours so I can write without interruptions.

Paranormal - this is when I need to escape into the realms of fantasy - I contribute this to my grandfather who let me watch all those fright night flicks as a kid. 

and  lastly 

RESEARCH books (which are the most dangerous) - these I use almost exclusively when I'm writing. The only problem is I go in and look for a specific answer to my  question, like what might Isaiah fix for Sean for his special dinner and end up researching the brigade system of a french restaurant. *facepalm*   These books should come with a warning - OPEN AT YOUR OWN RISK! 

So by looking at the title I'm reading, you might just be able to tell my mood.  Hmm...I'm reading Gannon Morgan by Antira Lynn McLeod at the moment...does that mean I'm feeling good but still want to escape into the realms of fantasy?  *scratches head* yep that sounds about right. :) 

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