Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Snippets #11

Hey peeps, once again it's time for Sunday Snippets, a wonderful blog hop brought to you by Red Lipstick Diaries...that's right we've moved to our new home already, even though the rest of the fun won't start until June 1st. 

Now that I've spilled the good news, lets get back to our regularly scheduled snippets and be sure to stop back by HERE for some other tasty snippets.  This week of course I'm continuing with my upcoming release with Excessica, Healer's Touch, Part One. Enjoy this little snippet as we realize while Charlie may have his hands full with Kat, there's treachery a foot.  Shall we meet one of the villians? 

Mr. Ulrich sat behind his desk in the Institute’s Testing and Evaluation Department reviewing the file in front of him. The persistent buzzing at his wrist reminded him his wife was waiting patiently at home for him. She was an understanding woman but her understanding only went so far. Glancing at his watch, he sighed and closed the file in front of him. He had to go now or he'd be sleeping on the couch for sure. Placing the file back in his in box, he straightened his desk as was his habit before standing up. While he prepared to lock up, he was surprised when a man entered the room.
"Oh, you startled me. Son, if you’re looking for testing, you need to come back tomorrow. We're closing for the evening." Mr. Ulrich took a step back when the man walked into the light. There was something familiar about him. Where had he seen this person before? As recognition dawned on him, he panicked.
"You're dead!"
"No, they only wish I was…where are they?" Cold eyes promised retribution if he lied.
"Who?" Mr. Ulrich grunted as the man pushed him against the filing cabinet.
"The little healer from Earth and that son of bitch she's with. Where did they go?"
"Mistress Katrina and King Charles?"
"I see the light has finally dawned. Where are they?" Again he shoved the man against the filing cabinet hard enough to make it rattle.
"Th..e..y.. are gone." His voice shook with terror and rage.
"You test my patience, Ulrich. I know they’ve left. I want to know where they’re going!"
Mr. Ulrich’s eyes widened when the man pulled a blade out of his back pocket.
“Don’t hurt me!"
"Tell me what I want to know, or I'll leave a pretty little souvenir for your wife to fret over."
"They’re headed back to Charles' home."
"Now, was that so hard?" The man stepped back from him. Reaching out, he brushed off Mr. Ulrich and straightened his jacket. Then as quietly and mysteriously as he’d appeared he was gone, leaving Mr. Ulrich trembling against the filing cabinet.
 "Oh God, what have I done?" 

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