Sunday, May 13, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: May 13th

Happy Sunday, peeps.  Once again I have six sizzling sentences to bring to you as part of my participation in SSS.  I surely do appreciate that everyone has taken the time to stop by my blog and ask that you return the favor by hitting up the rest of the SSS-er's. They can be found HERE. I can guarantee there's gotta be something that appeals to everyone's taste. :D  With that being said, lets the sixing commence.  Below I've taken another six sentences from  Kaholo's Seduction, my m/m short.   So if you don't care for m/m now is the time to leave...but if you read more. Either way thanks for stopping by. 

Toby watched as Kaholo drizzled the lube over the plug, his earlier apprehension returning. 
“Relax - I’m not going to just cram this up your ass. I want to play with that thick cock of yours while I tease you with this - not only will this stretch you for me, but it will give you a preview of how great it’ll feel once I’m in you.”
 “What do I need to do," Toby growled as his stomach clenched with desire.
Kaholo gave a slow smile. “Just lay back and relax, ipo.


  1. Very sexy! Love how patient he is. :)

  2. I like the way the two characters interact - very nice six (and HOT by the way).

  3. Nicely done, Dakota. I liked that it wasn't just accepted by Toby and Kaholo had to set him at ease. Great six. :)