Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Snippets #9

Hey peeps, once again it's time for Sunday Snippets, a wonderful blog hop brought to you by Red Lipstick Journals...who will be merging in the month of June with Erotic Diaries  to create Red Lipstick Diaries. (Why not like us HERE - we would greatly appreciate it.) But don't worry, our delicious little snippets will be moving with and we'll have some new and exciting authors participating as a result.

Now that I've spilled the good news, lets get back to our regularly scheduled snippets and be sure to stop back by HERE for some other tasty snippets.  This week of course I'm continuing with my upcoming release with Excessica, Healer's Touch, Part One. Enjoy this little snippet as Kat awaits inside the hovercraft as Charlie sees about securing them transportation across the desert.  In this scene Kat gets a bit more than she's bargained for.

Inside the hovercraft but away from Charlie, Kat split her time between watching the scenery fly by and studying the man across from her. She was looking forward to spending some uninterrupted time with him. It would be really hard for him to avoid her in the middle of the Areseric dessert. She couldn’t help but want to laugh at his earlier warning about the fact they would be roughing it. Her sexy warrior had no idea outdoor camping was old hat to her. She’d managed to take several trips with special permission from the government to Death Valley. The experiences of lying under the stars at night, in the desolate landscape of the United States’s largest desert had fulfilled her longing for a world she’d only visited in her dreams. Now she was on the verge of actually not just seeing it but living in it and that excited her.
She was drawn out her thoughts as the hovercraft finally slowed to a stop. Curious, she looked out but all Kat saw were corralled pens and a sturdy building.
“Last chance to change your mind, Katrina.” Charlie stared at her coolly before leaning forward intently. “This is your last chance to stop this madness. Once we start across the dessert there’ll be no turning back when the going gets rough. I won’t turn around because you’re tired of sleeping on the cold, rough ground and want to go home.”
 With a smirk she leaned forward until their faces were inches apart. “When I get tired of sleeping on the ground or get cold, I’ll just crawl on top of you.” Scooting another inch forward until there was less than a hair’s breadth separating their mouths, she continued, speaking the words against his parted lips. “Can you imagine it, Charlie? If you drape me across your body like a warm living blanket, I bet we could generate enough heat to keep the coldest night at bay.”
A low rumble escaped him before his eyes started to shimmer in the darkened interior. For a moment she thought his eyes were silver. Before she could be certain, he pushed her back then exited the hovercraft in one smooth motion. Her chest heaving, she leaned back and closed her eyes.
“You’re going to get burned if you keep pushing him like that, little one.”
Her eyes shot open. “No, you can’t be…”
“Real? I assure you I am.” The soft masculine voice filled her head.
“Get out of my head!”
“I’ve waited a long time for you, Little One, to return home. You belong to him, but realize until your bonding is in place, it’ll be dangerous for you.” The voice seemed to get fainter.
“What do you mean dangerous?” When no response answered her, she dragged her hands through her hair. “I’m going insane!”

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