Sunday, April 8, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: April 8th

Welcome to an Easter Edition of Six Sentence Sunday.  As always I thank everyone who is taking the time out of their busy holiday weekend to stop by and read my contribution to SSS.  Speaking of which, if you have the time, check out the rest of the contributers HERE. With that being said this week, we're returning to my current WIP, Retrieving Rena.  This is taken from Chapter Two after Rena has escaped Jackson's clutches again.  In this scene, Jackson is the first person speaking and he's talking to Jude, his best friend and partner in Larson Securities. Enjoy!

“It’s not thinking, I’m after though – I’m so fuckin’ horny I’d screw a snake if you held the head;  I want her in my bed, like yesterday.”
A dark blond brow rose before Jude shook his head. “You know for a Dom, you are surprisingly lacking patience.”
“See how you feel after chasing your woman all over the place for the past eight months – then tell me how I’m lacking patience.”  Jackson dropped onto the leather couch sitting in the corner of the office, covering his eyes with his forearm. “Imagine knowng your Mistress needs release but refuses to let you take care of her – ignoring her needs because she’s scared you’ll think she’s weak and instead walks away.”


  1. Well, his frustration certainly comes through! I say smart lady, to lead him a merry dance! Enjoyed the snippet very much...

  2. Oh, man, I want to smack her silly! Great six and great tension in it, Dakota. :)

  3. Super six with lots of tension building.

  4. Oh, I can sense all kinds of frustration in him. Great six! :)

  5. Not a situation I can easily relate to but his frustration was clearly evident.