Friday, March 9, 2012

Saturday Excerpts

It's Saturday, it's Saturday, and I'm sooo glad that this week is finally over. Doctor appointments, chaperoning and variety of other things have kept Ms Dakota busy this week.  With that being said, I thought you might all like a sneak peak at a scene from my contracted work in progress with No Boundaries Press.  For the Wolfen Prophesies Series I've dove back into the world of paranormal with a bunch of Scottish werewolves.  In the first book in this series, I've set the story in 1917 during the height of the "Great War " or what we better know as WWI.  This scene* is between my heroine, the feisty Emma and her reluctant mate, Braden as they have a difference of opinion.  Enjoy!

*this is an unedited excerpt, so all grammatical mistakes are mine alone. 

It was all Emma could do to keep it together until she got to her room. The idea her mate might reject her had never crossed her mind.  It was true it happened from time to time but never had she expected it to be her.  Her father had been entertaining proposals from the time she was a child.  In fact, they’d been coming in before the seer had predicted her role. As the eldest daughter of the MacDonald clan, she’d had suitors a plenty. Then the stupid prophesy happened and the amount of suitors nearly doubled. It seemed everyone wanted to father the children who would save their race – whether she found them attractive or not.  But even if she did believe that she’d give birth to twins – a rarity for werewolves, no human knew about the existence of her kind nor would they likely ever know. They had always been a myth and would continue to be.
Twisting the lock on the door, she slummed against its wooden surface. Tears ran over her cheeks as she wrapped her arms around her naked waist.  She just couldn’t believe her mate, one she’d already tied herself to didn’t want her.  True she could go on to be the wife to another but her wolf would mourn for its mate.  If she married Braden’s Alpha, she’d have to watch one day as Braden, found his mate – to forget that she once had a chance at holding that position but had been found lacking.   A knock on the door drew her out of her thoughts.
“Emma?”  Braden’s voice was like fire licking over her.  It warmed her, but burned.  She ignored the tug of her wolf.  “Please. I need to talk to you – to explain…”
“Leave it be.  There’s nothing to explain. You took care of my virginity. I’m sure your alpha will be pleased. No wolfen bride ever arrives untouched and my daddy wanted me to take care of it before I left.  So I guess I should be thanking you – you were more gentle than I’ve been told my future mate would’ve been.”   She bit the inside of her cheek to keep from crying. She moved away from the door, but made it no further than the bed when there was thud against the door.  Spinning back around, she watched as the door splintered under the weight of a fully pissed off male werewolf.  A yelp built in her throat as she took in Braden in his third form.  Standing near eight feet in height, his muscular body was ripped with muscles and russet hued hair. Only his piercing dark eyes reminded her of his human form.  Ducking under the door frame, he stepped into her room.  Swallowing hard, she stood her ground – her wolf still. Half man, half beast – the bellua-vir was only called forth during battles or extreme anger and her wolf was no defense against the three hundred pound monster in front of her. 
“We will talk.” His voice, a full octave lower than normal sent shivers down her spine. “You will not hide from me.”     
She crossed her arms over her chest, covering her breasts and feeling ridiculously exposed.  “I wasn’t hiding from you. You had sex with me, it’s over now and I wanted to get dressed.”  Eying him steadily, she tried for a nonchalant demeanor.  “You can leave now.”  
Okay, now that I've left you with a ticked of male and a leery female, I'll give you the blurb for the book, so it makes more sense. (Personally I think Emma would be wise to not push at the moment- but she won't listen to me - as usual.)

Her Wolfen Destiny, Book 1 of the Wolfen Prophesies

Braden Donnghal, the first American born, Scottish werewolf is packless after the death of his parents. In an effort to get back into the good graces of his parents’ former pack, he has to prove his worth by escorting the alpha’s intended mate back to the pack. It seems easy enough - all he has to do is deliver her untouched by the next full moon for her claiming. He’s prepared to avoid the roving enemy soldiers, bombs and even Emma’s  father, the feared MacDonald, but what he isn’t prepared for his reaction to the high-spirited but seductive Emma MacDonald. Or his unrelenting desire to claim her as his own. But if he does, he’ll be exiled if not killed on sight.
Emma MacDonald has been told since birth that her destiny is to give birth to the saviors of her race, twin russet wolves, in an upcoming racial war with the humans. But being a woman raised in the midst of the Great War, she is tired of war and vows to flout her father’s decree that she marry the neighboring alpha of the Donnghal clan.  No children of hers will be used in such a manner.  When Braden arrives to escort her to the Donnghal alpha she hopes to use him to avoid her destiny by offering her body as incentive. She sets in motion a fate she cannot escape when she locks Braden in a cellar with her at the height of the full moon.  Now mated to a black sheep family, she finds herself not only disowned but running for her life from an alpha vowing revenge. 

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