Sunday, February 5, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: February 5th

Hey Peeps,
After taking a couple weeks off, due to my very hectic personal life (gotta love finals), I'm back with this week's SSS.  As usual, I, like all the other contributors, appreciate those who stop by our blogs to read our humble offerings - so please be sure to go HERE and check out the rest of them.:)  With that being said, here's my S.S.S. for this week.  I'm taking this from one of my two current WIP's, Her Wolfen Destiny.  It's from the first book of  my new series coming out with NBP.  Slated to come out later this month, this first scene is when Emma, a werewolf who's destiny is to bear the saviors of her people. She's just caught scent of her future mate, Braden and is none too happy. 

Tall and broad shouldered, his closely cropped dark hair and neat appearance smacked of time spent in the military but the bruising and swelling around his left eye and nose attested to the fact he’d been in a recent altercation.  Then the scent of another female hit her nose.  A low growl built in her throat at the idea. Her wolf began to pace in agitation and it was all she could do to keep her from springing on the unsuspecting man.  
The Great Mac’s head swung in her direction at the sound.  “Emma-girl, there you are. Your mother has been looking all over for you.” 


  1. I like that she caught the scent of another female on her mate. That ought to heat things up.

  2. Sounds like a fight is brewing. Nice job!

  3. Sounded great until she caught wiff of another woman. Don't blame her one bit. Great six! :)

  4. Oh, already messing with another female? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Not good for him. Fun six, Dakota. :)

  5. She needs to lay down the rules right now! He's lucky she can control herself so well.