Sunday, December 4, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Dec 4th

Hey peeps, thanks again for stopping by my site for my contribution to Six Sentence Sunday. As always all and any comments are greatly appreciated by me and all the other authors who participate in this wonderful tradition. So please, make sure to stop back at the main site: HERE to check out the rest of the Sixers.   This week we return to Saving Micah.  This six is when the evil villians show their faces to our heroine and hero the first time and Olivia and Jude don't even realize it. 

Looking over her shoulder at the squeal of tires, Olivia watched as a luxury car peeled out of the parking lot, jumped the curb and nearly hit a hydrant before it sped down the street.
“That asshole is gonna get someone killed,” Jude commented from beside her.  Hearing the squawk from her phone she lifted it back up to her ear.
“Yes, Caelan, I’m paying attention to you and no I don’t need you to come down here. Jude and I are more than capable of dealing with one stubborn injured sub. He’s gonna come home with me whether he likes it or not.”