Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcoming Author Kharisma Rhayne

Morning Peeps! *Dakota sips on her third cup of coffee* I'm blessed today to have my friend and fellow author, Kharisma Rhayne on my blog.  She's stopped by to give me a peek at her new book, Bound by Seduction and to tell us what she finds sexy in the male characters she creates.   So without further ado, here she is....

*Kharisma waves*

Thanks Dakota!   First off let me introduce my new book, Bound by Seduction. It's the first book in my Bound Series with Rebel Ink Press.  

Blurb:  : Jared and Bekka, two people with a huge conflict. He's FBI, she's the prosecuting attorney. Him in his high class suits with attitude to match, her with an uptight personality and a virgin to boot. Watch the sparks fly from the office to the bedroom as these two go head to head and flesh to flesh.

*Dakota freezes with cup half way to mouth* She's a virgin? 

*Kharisma smiles* Yes, now quit interrupting! Or do you not want to read the excerpt?

*Dakota hangs head*  I'll be good.  *then peeks up*  Can I have my excerpt now?

*Kharisma laughs* 

Jared grabbed a scarf from the bedside table and tied it around my wrists, not too tight, but definitely tight enough that I wasn't wiggling free.
"What's the stop word, babe? You remember it?"
In a voice that barely sounded like my own, I managed to say Eeyore. Funny, I know. But he insisted that we had to choose something we'd never say during sex. Even if I was begging for things to stop but still secretly enjoying it and wanting to continue, we would keep going unless I said Eeyore.
I was dying for him to touch me. As if he heard me, he reached around, placed his hands on my breasts, lifted me slightly from the bed, and began playing with my nipples between his fingers.
He laid me back down on the bed and took one of his knees that had been on the outside of my legs and used it to part mine. He then placed the other one there, too.
"Lift your right leg up so it's at your side and bent at the knee." Jesus, he was opening me up. Thank God I still had my jeans on.
He took a few fingers and tapped, yes tapped me, between my legs. He proceeded to lightly, almost not even touching, brush his fingertips against my crotch. He was going to drive me nuts. I needed a firm touch. Better yet, I was more than ready for him to just take me.
"Tell me what you want, Bekka."
"Tell me what you want me to do to you. What do you need?"

No, *Dakota stomps her foot*, you did not just stop there. *crosses her arms over her chest* Guess I'm gonna have to go buy the book now. 

*Kharisma grins* Yep.  But here is where you can find it. 

*Dakota clicks on it*  Thank you, thank you! *Pauses* But don't forget you told me you'd tell me about what you find sexy in the men you write about - I'm not letting you off the hook on that one!

*Kharisma arches eyebrow*  I won't forget. *mutters under breath* Crazy Dakota, someone's had too much coffee this morning....

Hey I heard spill!

What I find to be sexy when I create my heroes is the man that is tall, well-muscled and overly confident. I’ve always loved men with an air of arrogance. I prefer tattoos as well on my heroes, but in some settings, it doesn’t go with the time period or location. Generally they will have long hair as well. I’ve never gotten into the shorter haircuts, so I fit them to be the guy I’d love to run into at the gym. (Anyone have a centuries old Highlander, ancient Greek warrior or Viking for me?) They tend to be unbending and the books focus more on them than on the women that I put them with.

Arrogant long haired, muscular men with tats? *Looks around*  Where? I want one!   

All kidding aside peeps, this is a great book and worth the read, (I should know I've read it- one of perks of being friends with the author, got to see it in it's developing stages.) 

I have to thank Kharisma for stopping by and putting up with my slightly hyper morning persona - maybe I should lay off the coffee...or not drink a whole pot by myself.  

She can be found at these places:


  1. Sounds like an awesome book, hun. You've grabbed my interest. And I love the dialogue, Dakota. LOL Great post and I'm sure you'll sell tons.

  2. Thanks for stopping in Blak ☺ I'm glad there was something in the small excerpt that got ya ;)

  3. Great interview! You 2 have me rofl! Fun aside, I picked this book up and Oh Damn! Talk about needing an industrial strength fan! This is one HOT read!


  4. Aww, only a fan? lol :D Just kidding -- glad you stopped in and got a laugh too

  5. the cover is beautiful, and the excerpt was awesome. i am in need of a cool drink and a fan just from that little sample. i can't imagine what i might need from reading the whole book,but i am going to find out. LOL!
    it sounds like a wonderful story and is going to the top of the TBR for sure.
    How many books are in the new series?

  6. Hi Tammy, thanks for stopping by :D The series is set to be a set of 15. The second will be available in January and the third in march so far. Now, I'll quit rambling and let you get to that cool drink and fan ;)