Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Random Tuesday {14}: A month and counting

It's hard to believe that month from today, I'll be attending my first book signing as an author (heck I haven't even gone as a reader).  So as you can imagine, I'm both excited and nervous at the same time. Excited because it's something new for me, and nervous because....well, it's something I've never done before.  I've always looked at my writing as an outlet, as a way to stop the voices in my head, and basically a way to escape the crazy realities of being a single mom.  I never expected it to actually make me any money. I wrote for years on Literotica - it wasn't until my dad (yes, my dad) browbeat me into subbing to Excessica, a fledging (at the time) publishing house, that I finally took the plunge. That was nearly ten years and twenty books ago. 

While I can't say it's all been roses - writing is really hard work. There's more to it than just writing (there's the editing, cover art, paperwork,  and don't get me started on all the promotional aspects of it. I swear I spend half my time in front of the computer on Facebook, scheduling blogs, Twitter, Instagram, and interacting with readers and friends...it's just pure crazy.) 

Anyway...back to the subject at hand...my first book signing. This is definitely a horse of a different color. There's absolutely no anonymity at all, no computer screen to hide behind, no long string of text, or something I can sit in my pajamas and do.  Nope, it's interacting with the public - face to face.  A scary thought. True, I interact with the public all the time at  my EDJ.  But that's different. That's not Dakota who's helping the customers find contact solution or hand lotion.  Nope, that's your friendly Wal-mart stocker.  

So to sit down at a table filled with print copies of my book, and other swag and talk to readers about my writing? Well, that's a scary proposition.  But one that I am looking forward to.  So this last thirty days will be spent getting my swag together, making sure I have all my print copies in hand and chewing my non-existing nails.   Oh and getting together a give away basket. 

Which reminds me....if you were attending a book signing what kind of things would catch your eye, (aside from free books) for a gift basket?  (Any suggestions would be helpful.)

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