Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Random Tusesday {11}: Subspace or Rope Space....

Sub-space or rope-space. I talk about it, give it to my characters all the time in my books, but does one ever honestly grasp what this elusive feeling entails?  It can vary from submissive to submissive, can be achieved any many ways...flogging, whipping, hot wax, or even with bondage. There are so many nuances.  Until recently however, I thought they were the same exact thing.  Because I'd never personally (shocker....) expeirenced either of them. 

I've done tons of research, talked to subs about it, even read medical articles about the phenomon, but never really understood it more than an abstract way...I could go into a long drawn out discussion about all the chemicals involved but will give you the quick and dirty of it from someone who can explain far better than I ever could...


Science behind subspace....

At the same time, BDSM quite often involves impacts to the body. During a scene, the intense experiences of both pain and pleasure trigger a response of the sympathetic nervous system, which causes a release of epinephrine from the adrenal glands, as well as a dump of endorphins and enkephalins.
These natural chemicals are a part of the body's primal "fight or flight" response. They produce the same effects as a morphine-like drug. This dump of morphine-like chemicals into one's bloodstream into increases the pain tolerance of the submissive as the scene becomes more intense -- and also induces a euphoric, ecstatic floating feeling. 
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Sounds pretty clinical doesn't it.  Do this, and this chemical is released, do that, and presto...instant flying submissive.  Not so. As I said each submissive is different, each scene is different.  As I have found out.  Until just recently I'd only had the pleasure to experience an impact induced sub-space (aka flogging) I know, I know, Dakota seems like such a nice girl...lol.  But not that long ago, I had the chance to experience 'rope space'.  Was it better than a regular trip to subspace?  Weaker than the high I get off a good flogging? 

Well it's kind of like comparing granny smith apples and navel oranges.  One is crisp and tart, while the other is sweet and tangy, but both are fulfilling.  

For me a good flogging is like a green apple.  The falls sting when they first hit skin, leaving a lingering burn that I'm sure to feel later. The longer the flogging goes on, the more sensitive I become, and it pushes me higher and higher until I almost fall into a trance like state.  From that point, the slightest stroke of leather or horsetail against my skin feels like a lover's caress.  Stimulating but soothing, until it's all I can focus on.  No worries, no kids, no commitments or responsibilities. I'm out of my head and nothing exists but me and the erotic pain Sir's flogger brings.  It's very freeing.   I usually end up crying by the end, all my stress ebbing away in a salty trail that I always assure my Sir are good tears, not bad. 

A special thanks to Spike72 for taking the time to create such a beautiful piece of artwork.  If you'd like to find out more about this awesome rope master CLICK HERE for his FetLife Profile. 

Rope space on the other hand?  I find it delicious, much like a navel orange.  Sweet, soothing, but not as hard and intense as the sub-space brought on by a flogging.  However, it's not weaker or any less fulfilling, by any stretch of the imagination.   When I'm bound I find peace in the ropes.  Not because my dominant has driven all other thoughts from head with his wicked horsehair flogger, but because the rope will hold me together, no matter how I fall apart.  Each time the rope is twisted around me, another worry falls away. The slight burn as I'm lifted off my feet, a welcome caress as I trust the ropes to hold me. It's exciting (since I know that I will be helpless) but soothing because I know they will keep me safe.  Their strong strands hold me as tight as my dominant's arms - and that in itself is beyond freeing.  Add suspension into the mix along with my Sir's gentle touch and soft praise, and I'm literally floating. It's almost like floating in pool, the water holding me up while I trust my body's natural buoyancy to not let me sink.   

So could I ever choose one over the other? Probably not.  I love both for the release they bring me.  And frankly I'm greedy. Just like I wouldn't want to eat tacos every night for the rest of my life, I still enjoy a good soft shell now and again.  

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