Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Random Tuesday {10}: Brrrr...it's cold outside

For those of you who might not be aware of it, I live in the midwest - or what many locals right now are affectionately calling the ice box.  For the past week we've averaged highs in the low teens and lows in the negative digits.  *shivers*   Of course, being a native Iowan, I expect this kind of weather.  In the summer you're gonna sweat your ass off and in the winter you're gonna freeze it off.    

Anyway this post isn't to complain about the cold - but my humorous way to poke fun at it.  Why cause last night I watched the news and they were talking about a graphic floating around Facebook...and if you'd actually move...

This made me giggle.  I'm sure my coworkers thought I was stoned or something.  But believe it or not, it made me feel better.  Despite the fact that I was freezing (at my EDJ at a big box store, the area I work at is really close to the front doors), it still made me smile.  

Just like everything else in life, it all depends upon your point of view.  Half empty, or half full, your glass is excactly what you make it - at least according to my grandma.   (Wise woman that she was.)   

So today's random thought...is you chose if you're happy or if you're angry.   It's all about perspective.  And today I choose to be happy...and share a few giggles with my readers.   Enjoy!

Okay my muse made me grab this one....she whole-heartedly agrees with this sentiment....lol

So true....especailly for us dylexic folks...!

This one is specially for my teenagers....they give me crap all the time about the amount of coffee I drink...evidently I remind them of the squirrel from Hoodwinked - brats. 

This has been floating around the net forever...and proves my point - it's all about perspective! And whether or not your brain resides in the gutter with the rest of us....

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