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Takeover Wednesday {14}: Siren Allen

Once again, I have the pleasure of having the lovely Siren Allen on my blog today.  This time she's here talking about the science of wet dreams.  Color me please give a warm welcome back to Siren!

Wet Dreams: We all have them

Have you ever awakened up from a dream, shaken and embarrassed by the images that ran rampant in your mind while you slept? Yeah, well, me too. We all have. And don’t worry, it’s natural. What are wet dreams? Wet dreams, also called nocturnal emissions, are spontaneous orgasms that occur while you’re sleeping.

Wet dreams are natural. It doesn’t make you evil and it doesn’t mean you’re a weirdo if you have them. There’s nothing you can do to stop them… and why would you want to? J Some people have wet dreams a few times a week; others have wet dreams only a few times in their entire life. Those people must have boring dreams.

I like to think of wet dreams as your mind giving you ideas on how to make your life more exciting. Or maybe it’s your body trying to tell you what it’s craving. Either way, don’t ignore them. Live a little. Let your wicked light shine. That’s what my heroine in my paranormal romance, Her Dream Lover, decides to do.

Her Dream Lover

In my new paranormal romance, the main character, Brandi Connelly, believes her dreams are just a creation of her wild imagination and overactive sex drive. She blames the nightly occurrences on the fact that it’s been awhile since she last had sex.

Imagine her surprise when she finds out she’s dead wrong. Her dreams aren’t dreams at all. They’re real and so is the man she’s been getting busy with in dreamland. Now she’s claimed and marked by a demon who is set on claiming her in reality. There’s no where she can run to escape him. That doesn’t mean she won’t try. Her Dream Lover is available now and FREE with Kindle Unlimited.


Every time she closes her eyes he’s there…waiting for her.

Working night shift at a mental hospital was never Brandi Connelly’s dream job, but in order to pay her grandmother’s medical bills she’s willing to do whatever she has too. Her new job seems like a piece of cake, there is only one thing keeping her from enjoying it – Draken Barrand, a patient.

Thoughts of her patient haunt her night and day and she’s too embarrassed to tell anyone about the strange dreams she’s having about him. Partly because she’s afraid they will think she’s crazy…mostly because the things that go on while she’s sleeping make her blush.

As the nightly visions become all too real she’s afraid they’re not dreams at all. If these nightly fantasies are real, that means everything her dream lover has told her is real, which means that the little mating ritual she so excitedly participated in was real. Soon she will change into a demon and there is nothing she can do about it.

Claimed and marked, she now belongs to a creature of the night. There’s just one up side to this – he’s trapped behind the walls of a mental institution. That means she has time to figure out a way to stop the change… well she would’ve had time, if her mate hadn’t broken out of his cell.


He would do whatever he had to in order for the painful memories of her childhood to disappear. He just hoped she didn’t one day consider this mating a painful memory. If he had more time he would do it the right way. He would court her and gain her trust, however time was not on his side. Draken deepened the kiss, enjoying the way it felt to finally have her in his arms. She was his, but there was still more to be done.

The mating words would mean nothing until they became one and he drank from her and she in turn drank from him. Draken brought his mate’s body closer to his and groaned at the contact. He was already hard. Brandi opened her mouth and a moan escaped. Draken took advantage of that by sliding his tongue pass her lips.

She tasted of mint gum. Mint was his new favorite flavor. His mate brought her hands up and cupped the back of his head as Draken grinded against her. He didn’t want to rush. He wanted this to be special for her. There were so many things he’d dreamed of doing to her, but he would have no idea if he was doing them right or not. What if she didn’t enjoy it? What if he couldn’t bring her to an orgasm?

He knew how to fight, knew how to protect, but he didn’t know how to please her. Brandi’s nails dug into his skin as she held on to him. It stung, but the pain felt good. He could feel his demon half crawling to the surface.

Though his demon couldn’t fully emerge, Draken still pulled back and stared down at his woman. She blinked up at him. The lust she felt showed in her expression. He wanted to satisfy her, wanted to slate her lust then tease her body until it returned.

“Why did you stop? I didn’t want you to stop.”

Both man and beast growled with pleasure. She didn’t want him to stop. Her confession made his confidence soar. It was a miracle he hadn’t scared her away with his inexperience. If he did it right, maybe she wouldn’t notice that this was his first time. Taking a deep breath, he silently begged his beast to be patient. There was something he wanted to do to her, something he’d dreamed of doing since he first smelled her scent. He would do it now, before he lost the nerve.

“Lie down on the pillows,” he told her. “I want to taste the rest of you.”

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