Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Random Tuesday {5}: Chocolate and Voices

Okay last week, I griped about my kid's choice of music and how all those songs get stuck in my head, but the graphic below is probably more accurate. Not only do I have a pesky muse named Livvy, who finds the naughty in everything, I also have about five competing heroes demanding I finish their stories (since I conveniently left them all with blue balls when I started, then got dragged away by Livvy  - who has a severe case of ADD and a hell-cious chocolate addiction.)  Speaking of which, she's pissed cause I went back on my diet and have forbidden anything remotely resembling chocolate to pass my lips.  Anyway enjoy the chuckle, while I go and try to sooth some feathers of the pissed off Doms who have been waiting for the past two months for me to finish their first sex scene with their lovely lady.   

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