Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Random Tuesday {1}: Amen, Sista....

I don't usually get up on my soap box, but late last night while I was surfing Facebook, I came across a graphic that had me saying "amen, sista".  All too often I get the look, or even worse the lecture when a friend or co-worker finds out that I enjoy writing BDSM (to the point I'm a published author).   Is it because I happen to live in Small Town, USA? I have no idea.   Is it because FSoG is so popular right now?  Maybe.  

In the end, I guess it really doesn't matter why peeps confuse consensual BDSM with abuse - but there are times, I wish more peeps would run across the graphic below.  As a victim of sexual abuse, and an advicator of the lifestyle, there is a definitely difference. (As different as night and day, as my grams would say.) 

True BDSM (and I'm not talking about 'one true way' - the lifestyle has more flavors than your local Baskin and Robins) revolves around Safe, Sane and Consensual and usually has some type of power exchange - in other words BOTH parties want it!   

Okay, off soap box now.  I could beat it to death, but I would rather share the graphic that got me to thinking - and wishing I could print out and hand to those who are too quick to judge. 

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