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Nice Girls Writing Naughty Event: Teacher's Pets

Hi all, so all of you know that I belong to a really cool group of authors and we have a blog called Nice Girls Writing Naughty, right?  No?  Well, no worries, you've now been informed.  And I'm super excited! This month is my turn to host our monthly party and with the kiddos going back to school, Livvy and I have come up with this pretty sweet idea.  I talked the rest of my NGWN author pals into posting one of their yummy heroes as their Teacher's Pet and some juicy tidbits of what they might have been like in school.  

So what do you the reader get out of it?  Well, for one - a chance at a $50 gift certificate from Amazon.  Just check out the post HERE for all the juicy details.  And I promise it will be fun!  Oh and did I mention that each author will be giving away of pretty cool prize on their blogs? Mine will be a free ARC of Twice the Chance, Twice the Ecstasy.  

Now that I got the contest stuff taken care of...lets bring on Dakota's Pet.   

*drum roll* 

His name is Dre and he's the sexier than sin co-hero (that's a word right) of my upcoming release, Twice the Chance, Twice the Ecstasy.   He and his partner, Luca have been best friends since high school.  To find out more about him...check out his Fast Five and the steamy excerpt at the end of the post.  And don't forgot to comment at the end of the post for my blog prize. 


1.  The hottest teacher at Washington High was Ms. Clearwater and she taught Home Economics. I wasn't the only guy who took her class just to watch her bend over a hot stove.  

2.  On Friday nights you’d have found me at the ball game watching Luca lead the Warriors to a state championship while ogling Tara Sanderson, the head cheerleader. I don't know who looked better. Luca in those tight white pants, or Tara in her short pleated skirt and pom-poms.

3.   I was  the president of the chess club in high school, but in college I gave it up to join the Gamer Club and we designed the first version of Knight's Vengeance.

4. When I graduated high school I was voted the most likely to never marry.  I showed them wrong. I've been with my partner for nearly 20 years. 

5.  When I pledged in college, Hell Week was the pits. Until my frat brothers realized I could erase all their speeding tickets with a few strokes of the keyboard.

So want to know more about Dre?   Check out the blurb and excerpt below. :) 

Coming October 3rd!

Calypso has been given a task…

Divorcee, Eryka Desmonte, wants to find the sexual gratification that had been lacking in her marriage. So she’s willing to try anything, including signing up to meet two potential lovers at what used to be an abandoned resort in West Caicos. Now run by the reclusive Ms. Calypso, Club Ecstasy Caicos boasts of the most lavish accommodations and sinful temptations. Eyrka just prays the resort’s owner knows her business, because Eryka’s in desperate need of someone with the right touch. 

Business partners and lovers, Luca Reed and Dre Bennet are anxious to celebrate their upcoming anniversary. Together for nearly twenty years, they want something special…and naughty. Dee thinks he’s found it when he receives a mysterious email from a Ms. Calypso. She’s preparing to open her newest exotic resort and would like them to come and test out the amenities. Eager for a tropical vacation complete with a beautiful woman, both men agree, never expecting they’ve been set up by a matching making Goddess with an agenda of her own. 


Less than two hours later and stretched out naked on a padded table except for a small towel draped over her ass, Eryka moaned softly as Raeni placed another warm stone along her spine. When she arrived at the spa, she’d hadn’t expected the plump older woman who’d given her a grueling Swedish massage followed up by something called LaStone Therapy. Of course, that was after every part of her body had been scrubbed, peeled and waxed. Everything that Raeni had done had all been all in preparation for her potential lovers. 

“That’s it, feel the heat of the stones soaking into your chakras.” The masseuse spoke softly, her Jamaican accent soothing as she hovered over Eryka’s prone body. “Almost done. Just a couple more at the base of your spine, then I will leave you alone to enjoy the ambience.”

Eryka nodded, her face cupped gently by the cut out hole in the table. Letting her eyes drift shut as the sounds of the woman moving away faded, only to be replaced by the soft crash of waves against the sand. The slight breeze through the open patio doors, and smell of salt on the air was soothing. Eventually the stress of the long flight, cranky baby and her late night caught up with her and she dozed off.

She drifted along until the soft murmur of voices penetrated her daze. She stirred, but was shushed by a low masculine voice that reminded her of Michael Bolton. The soft yet coaxing command in it should’ve had her dander up but instead she fell into it – taking comfort in its strength. It was a voice she could get used to, she thought in a daze. Strong, comforting. 

“So beautiful. Look at all that beautiful skin.” A different voice this time, one a bit huskier like her favorite country singer, Trace Adkins, washed over her as fingers began removing the stones. “So soft – exactly as a woman should be.” 

She sighed in pleasure as a warm pair of hands slowly stroked down her sides. Fissures of pleasure danced along her skin with each brush. She relaxed as sleep tugged at her once more. Whoever these men were, they could touch her whenever the wanted, as long as they never stopped. 

“Hmmm, seems like she’s falling asleep on us again.” Trace-sounds-a-like’s amused tone slashed through her sleepy mind and she tried to lift her head from the table 

“Shhh….no don’t fight us.” The first voice whispered near her ear. “Just relax. Let us pleasure you.” 

She gave a half sigh, half moan as his partner’s fingers found the sensitive flesh at the rise of her ass, pressing hard then soothing over her hips. Who’d have thought such a touch would feel so pleasurable. 

“Good girl.” The sexy pop-star’s approval settled over her like a warm blanket. She must be having the best dream, she thought, because the men touching her couldn’t be real.

©Dakota Trace All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.


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