Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Guest Blogger: Rhiannon Wellman - Publish or Bust Tour

Today I have the unique pleasure of having Rhiannon Wellman joining me once more. This lovely authoress from the UK has made me giggle more than once and her writing is outstanding. So why not pull up a chair as she chats about her writing odyssey? First  lets take a look at the lovely Ms. Wellman's stats as she challenges herself to work on several different WIPs.  

Ms. Wellman's Stats!

Book Name
Word Count Day 1
Word Count Today
Moon Bound

A Dirty Weekend
Writers Block

Out of Uniform and into Love

Published or Bust

Well the tour has officially been named 'Published or Bust' so I've added it as the title from here on out. It feels all kind of official now lol.

As you can see I've switched about a bit today trying to get into a proper rhythm again after so long away from it all. I think I've not only gone past the pain barrier I've shown it what true pain can be if it fucks with me again!
I spent some time today with my father. He's going to be 67 later this year and as much as I've always known how old my dad was. Realizing that a century ago the average life span for us humans was 31 (in which case I would be extremely old at 32) and in 2010 it was 67.2 (don't ask me about the .2 I have no clue how they worked that out.)
I suppose it's made me reflect on life in general. And about not putting things off, Dad was one of the first people I told about my books, after my hubby. I even told him the type of books I wrote. After explaining what an e-book was a few times he asked me about them. I was a bit nervous at first to tell him that most of my books are MM romances. But he took the news very well, and was still proud of me after I explained what MM was.
Dad's old fashioned, he thinks marriage should be for a man and a woman, but, he does think that love doesn't really give a shit what gender you are. We've had many debates about it. And has conceded that marriage should be more about love that whether you keep your genitals inside or out.
I guess today's post has been a little more serious, but it's my way of saying. Don't talk yourself out of doing things today because you can do them tomorrow. We don't know how many tomorrows we have. Don't let insecurity stop you from trying. At the end of the day we will only regret the things we lacked the courage to try.
On that note I'll stop for today. Tomorrow I'm going to go into a bit more depth about Out of Uniform and into Love. Including a little snippet to tantalize you with.
Until tomorrow.

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