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Spanking A - Z: {O}rgasms

Okay here's the scoop, I've joined the Spanking Challenge A-Z. The idea is to start with A and make your way through the alphabet, a letter a day. So this is how it will work. I will post a new letter each day...except on Saturdays which is already full with two other weekly posts. By the end of the month, I should reach Z...so why not join me and root me on?  

A word of warning however...although it's not necessarily supposed to be sexually themed challenge - just an effort to get me blogging more frequently, Livvy may have other ideas.  We all know that rascally muse of mine won't let me get away with posting something mundane or platonic, so don't be surprised if most, if not all my posts have a sexual vibe to them. 

With that being said....lets welcome letter O!

Okay, so we're talking about that moment  of pleasure or petit a mort as the French call it. It's probably one of the strongest driving forces behind our species.  We love pleasure in it's many forms.

When I first started writing erotic romance, even before I dipped my toes into the bdsm pool, there was just something about a hero stringing his lover along, coaxing them to the edge and holding them there, until they pleaded for that glorious moment of nirvana, then letting them fall over the edge.  It was erotic, it was sensual and beyond that it was just plain hot. 

So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when I finally did dip my toes into the BDSM world and found out Orgasm denial was a favored kink of some Doms. They would push their subs to the very edge - insist they hold there, until they GAVE permission for them to come.   It seemed so cruel...but so delicious.   To have that kind of control.  

Of course when I found out about that...it just had to make it's way into several of my bdsm books. Particularly in Wyk's Surrender, where Mistress V goes to some extreme lengths to make sure her new sub doesn't come without permission. 

Enjoy!  And don't forget to check out the rest of the peeps. (You can do that by clicking on the graphic on the side bar...lol) 


He shifted a bit, widening his thighs to give his cock more room. “I’ve wanted in her bed since the moment I found out she was a Domme, but after she said she had a cock ring, and flogger for the lucky son of a bitch, I got so hard I had to have relief.”

He heard another rustle before a low hum filled the room. A vibrator? He wanted to howl. He wanted to watch her pleasure herself, so he could do the same.

“So did you just whip it out there in your office? If so, it had to have been risky. She could’ve walked in at any moment.”

He groaned. “If only.” His cock ached even more at the idea. What would prim Ms. Spinazzola-Navarro do if she caught him jerking off? Lecture him about unprofessional behavior, or maybe go all Domme on his ass? Would she rub her clit while she watched?

“No, I whipped it out in my executive bathroom, Mistress.” Irritated, he made his next words as raunchy as possible. “Like a hundred times before, I imagined her there, telling me I could only come when she allowed it. I’d stroke my cock, wishing she was there to control my pleasure.”

“What if she refused to let you jerk that cock to completion, slave? Instructed you to sit behind your desk with your erection tenting those pretty little trousers of yours?” The buzzing stopped. A low growl built in his chest. He wanted to see. The blindfold drove him nuts. He held the plug only to keep the game from ending.

“I would like to say I’d have stopped, if I was on the verge of orgasm and she commanded me to cease, I don’t think I could’ve obeyed.” Her scent teased his nose, and warm hands surrounded his cock and slid down his length.

“Which is exactly why you will wear this, slave.”

Something tight pinched at the base of his cock. His mind whirled as the implication of it set in. A cock ring! His Mistress now controlled his pleasure.

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