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Spanking A - Z Challenge: {Q}uits...

Okay here's the scoop, I've joined the Spanking Challenge A-Z. The idea is to start with A and make your way through the alphabet, a letter a day. So this is how it will work. I will post a new letter each day...except on Saturdays which is already full with two other weekly posts. By the end of the month, I should reach why not join me and root me on?  

A word of warning however...although it's not necessarily supposed to be sexually themed challenge - just an effort to get me blogging more frequently, Livvy may have other ideas.  We all know that rascally muse of mine won't let me get away with posting something mundane or platonic, so don't be surprised if most, if not all my posts have a sexual vibe to them. 

With that being said....lets welcome letter Q!

So today we're talking about calling it quits. As in cease and desist. When it comes to BDSM most of those who play, understand the importance of the safeword. It's that magical word, that once muttered, screamed over even gasped halts all actions. When I first read about them, the idea definitely intrigued me. You mean I could scream and wiggle. Even yell 'no' at the top of my lungs and the man wouldn't be deterred unless I yelled "red"? To the kinky side of me that sounded like a dream come true. 

So what exactly is a safeword? 

Well it's pretty simple, a submissive either uses 'red' or picks some other word that they would never say during sex. It gives the dominant the permission to do what ever they want within reason and agreed upon limits. It also gives the submissive the security of knowing that they do have a way out. 

When in a club, i've been told that the house rules are like a stop light. Red means stop, yellow...slow down and green, of course means go. And that any DM would take notice the moment that a sub utters the word 'red'. 

However for my writing I've done everything from the tradition safewords to ones that are quirky and meant something to the characters. 

For instance: 

In Temporary Master, Sabella's safeword is Dobby. (Yeah like the house elf from Harry Potter.) Her reasoning? She couldn't think of anything else that would kill the mood for her than a half naked house elf)

In Gabriel's Light, Zhenya's safeword is starfish. She happens to love them. 

In Conquering Jude, Jude's safeword is euphoria. Being a male submissive he picked out a word that signified what he was hoping to find in his mistress's arms. 

And just sometimes it's the author's way of being coy...

In Healing Hark? Bryan's safeword is Crimson (a variation of the word red) And Hark's? It's clover (like a lucky four leaf clover). Which my rascally muse thought was cute, since Diachi's (their master) favorite song is Crimson and Clover. 

However in the end, it doesn't matter if the safeword is the generic 'red' or some unique to the submissive. It is always a safety net for the dominant and their submissive and I would never recommend anyone play without one. 

Okay...I'm off my soapbox...but want to remind you to stop by the rest of the peeps. Just clicky the graphic on the side bar to find the links for all the other awesome contributors.

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