Saturday, June 21, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {21}: Claiming her mate...

Okay, once more it's time for some smexiness from my current WIP which happens to be in the editing stage with Loose Id. Wolfen Bonds, the first book in the Taghte Pack Series is a paranormal mmf series that features a Scottish Wolf pack where intrigue and lust abound.   For today's snippet, I thought I'd take a short section from the claiming scene as Colleen, the female alpha of their trinion claims her second-bond for the first time.  Enjoy! And don't forget to stop the rest of the contributors.   


“Mine.” Her claim was possessive.

The deep growl that escaped her throat sent a wave of lust, with a pinch of fear, through him, particularly when she straddled their joined bodies. Her intent was obvious. She would ease Andy inside of her, regardless of what form she was in. Matthias groaned at the thought of their alpha female taking from Andy even as he gave to him. He only hoped she didn’t crush both of them in the process. She had to be at least three hundred pounds.

“So fucking beautiful.” Andy lifted his hands, stroking her luxurious coat as Colleen lowered herself. With each brush of his hands against her fur, it disappeared to be replaced with supple human flesh. A quirk of werewolf physiology allowed Andy’s touch to return her to her human form. Even with his senses clouded by desire, he knew there was something totally out of the ordinary with this claiming. Matthias had been told that both dominants had to claim the submissive mate, but one look at Colleen in her bellua-vir form he could tell she was as dominant as him. Andy’s actions should’ve undone the bond. I must’ve fallen down the rabbit hole, because I’ve never heard of a female taking the third form before the second. But before he could try to reason it out, Colleen claimed Andy with a husky cry, her body completely human once more as she sank down onto Andy’s cock.

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  1. I have shivers from all the smexiness!

    1. *giggles* Is that a good thing, Evelise? Thanks for stopping by.

  2. wow! very interesting! I love this WIP. These werewolves are fascinating