Saturday, May 24, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {19}: Unexpected return...

So this week, I'm brushing off an old WIP that has been lurking in the tombs. I toyed around with an idea of writing an a story about a couple in their "golden years" who happened to be shifters.  An oxymoron right? As a rule of thumb shifters are supposed to be nearly immortal and stop aging at their peak (around 30 or so).  But what if the shifter would continue to age like their human counterparts until they claimed their mate? What would happen if one of the mates refused to mate?  Well, that's the question I asked and went for when I started penning Not Your Average Nanny.   Enjoy and make sure to stop by the rest of the peeps' blogs.

Inspiration for Denali Yazzie

With his back to her, all Sedna could make out in the faint light spilling from the house was a dark figure with silvered hair. A trick of the weak lighting and shadows she figured. Most shifters mated in their thirties and retained their youthful appearance until they died. He was probably blond like some of the polar bear shifters who’d relocated to the wilds of Alaska. 

“May I help you?” The man stiffened at her voice, but didn’t turn. She continued to hold the handle of the door, her stomach suddenly clenching with dread as he rolled his shoulders in an all too familiar way. There was something about the broad back and the way the man held himself. It was as if she were looking at a hazy photo of the man she’d lost. But that couldn’t be right. The last she’d heard Denali Yazzie had his own BDSM club in Anchorage and was living the high life with his human submissives - sating a hunger he’d never willingly share with her.

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