Saturday, March 1, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {9}: Unsatisfied Desire

So once again it's time to do the SS&S hop. This week I'm taking another snippet from my current WIP, Healing Hark. This is from Chapter 8 and is after Diachi has spoken with Bryan about entrusting Hark with Bryan's safety while at work.  In this scene finds Hark and Bryan arriving at Bryan's office - only to find it dark and no P.A. in sight.  Bryan wants to protest until Hark reminds him of what is at stake if he doesn't obey. Enjoy!  And don't forget to stop by the rest of the peeps blogs!  



“I haven’t given you the right to punish me.”
“No.” Hark leaned in, the spicy scent of his cologne teasing Bryan’s nose. “But your Master has. Now stay put or risk my wrath, which I’m assure you, will be nothing compared to your Master’s when he finds out you disregarded your safety.” 
“So that’s what Master wanted to talk to you about this morning? He wasn’t laying down the rules, he wanted to make sure you’d keep me out of trouble. He gave me to you.” His master’s request hadn’t been unexpected after their talk the night before. Of course, instead of being pissed at the highhandedness of it, his traitorous body warmed at the thought of that Diachi trusted Hark to keep him safe. 
“Yes. Now do as I say, and stay in the elevator.” Hark slipped into the darkened room. 
Watching after him, Bryan discretely adjusted his traitorous cock. His body still ached from last night. Master had been devious after they’d turned in for the night. He’d teased and tormented every inch of Bryan until he’d been ready to climb the walls. Then instead of allowing Bryan release, Diachi had done nothing more than hold him. He hadn’t even let Bryan satisfy the erection he’d felt against his ass all night. Instead he’d whispered his love against Bryan’s temple before ordering him to go to sleep. 

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  1. Awww... I actually see this as being sweet (and hot of course - lol) I'm anxious to read this one.