Saturday, March 22, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens {12}: Just enough...temptation.

Here's another yummy sexy snippet between Hark and Bryan for this week...but as I'm wrapping up this scene between two of my three heroes, next week I'll be devoting some time to Diachi and Hark. Which should be fun. So enjoy and be sure to take the time to stop at the other blogs....



“Good.” Taking the tie, he looped it around one wrist, tugging into the position he wanted, before snagging the other behind Bryan's back. Looping and twisting the tie, he completed the Lark’s Head knot with several inches of play between Bryan's wrists. “How's that?” 

A frown furrowed Bryan's brow when he gave an experimental tug. “It's loose, Sir.” 

“For the moment.” Hark landed a medium strength blow to Bryan's ass. The other man jerked hard, then gave a soft groan as the tie tightened around his wrists. 

“Son of a bitch, Sir.” He sounded winded. “It's...” he seemed at lost how to explain it. 

“Good?” Hark quickly checked the snugness of the tie, relieved that it wasn't too tight, now that Bryan's arms had returned to their original position. Much like a Chinese finger lock, pushing toward each other the bonds stayed loose but pulling apart made them tighten. A quick press to each of Bryan's finger tips revealed the circulation was more than adequate. Satisfied with the bond, he widened Bryan's stance by kicking his legs out a few inches. He hissed as it put not only Bryan's lush bottom on display but also gave Hark a clear view of Bryan's sack. Full, it seemed to hang nearly half way down his thigh. Light blond hair covered it and Hark had the sudden insane urge to feel the roughed skin against his lips. 

Not now. Not ever. Get those damned thoughts out of your head, Akula.


  1. Once a thought like that springs to life, there's no backing away from it. :)

    1. Most definitely. Hark is sunk - he just doesn't realize it.

  2. Replies
    1. And the poor sap doesn't even realize it yet.

  3. Just getting here from SeductiveSnS...

    I haven't read anything besides this, but this is hot! The visual of his legs widening and his sac becoming visible... *fans self*