Saturday, December 21, 2013

#MySexySaturday {30}: Yesterday's Secrets with Evelise Archer (WIP)

Hey all, once again it's time for some sexy Saturday shenanigans with seven words, sentences or paragraphs from either a work in progress or a published work. And of course, I'm up to my usual naughtiness with my partner in crime, Evelise Archer. We've been laboring away on Yesterday's Secrets between our own edits and lo and behold...we're just shy of kissing the 8K it's coming right along.  With that beings said, last week we gave you a sneak-peek at the delicious Marik, so this week we're going to showcase Keegan instead. (And believe're gonna want to stop by Evelise's blog - I peeked and what she's posting is damned hot!) So be sure to stop by her blog and the rest of the contributors this week. We may just heat up your Saturday.

This is the inspiration for my Keegan.
Meet the yummy Theo Theodoridis
My Sexy Seven: 
(Set-up: Keegan has just arrived in Key West and is waiting for his ride at the airport)

After backing up to stand under the cool shade of the awning, he inhaled. Taking the salt air deep into his lungs, he felt a twinge of homesickness. Even though it was a bit different than back home, he definitely missed having the ocean so close he could taste it. He rolled his shoulders before letting his bag settle on the bench next to the sliding glass doors and once more scanned the wave of yellow taxis and pink hybrids? He'd never seen a taxi that color before. 
“Mr. Gautier!” 
Keegan pivoted at the husky alto, expecting to see a woman but instead found himself face to face with a very sexy little twink wearing scuffed deck shoes, cargo shorts and unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt. With dark spiked hair and small silver gauges in his ears, the guy was definitely not a woman. The flash of his dark tan and rippled abs as he skidded to a stop in front of him only reconfirmed it. Blood pooled in his groin and low hiss escaped Keegan. Was this what Chloe had hoped for when she’d demanded that he explore? She'd wanted to expose him to sexy men?
“Are you Mr. Gautier?” The man looked up at him, slightly out of breath. His dark eyes were highlighted by guy-liner. Keegan only got a glimpse of them, before they darted back down to the crumpled piece of paper in his hand. “You look like him. Or at least as close as your sexy yumminess can come to this crappy Xerox they gave me.” He flashed the photocopy at him – a copy of what looked like his driver’s license photo. 
Keegan wasn’t sure what to say when his dick hardened even further. Was it because of guy’s shameless flirting or the sudden wind that parted the man’s shirt? The latter exposed the man’s well-defined chest and dark nipples with just a hint of hair that trailed south until it disappeared beneath his waist band. The urge to follow it with not only his fingers but his mouth as well coursed through him. “Ah…” 
The man stepped closer. “You are Miss Chloe’s friend, right?” 
Taken back slightly at the flamboyant persona of the guy and his own unexpected lust, he swallowed hard. He'd been in the Keys for less than twenty minutes and he was already popping a hard-on. As the man continued to look at him expectantly, he finally to push aside his desire and croaked out a yes.

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  1. Love the description in this excerpt, and of course, his reaction! :)

    1. Thanks Jessica. Keegan is such fun to tease. Poor guy is so struggling with his sexuality. Sometimes I think there is a bit of sadist in us authors.

  2. I can't wait to see where we end up...Loving these characters!!

    1. Just wait til you read the end of chapter 3. *giggles*