Saturday, September 28, 2013

#MySexySaturday {18}: Healing Hark

Whether it's seven words, seven sentences or even seven paragraphs, it's all about the heat. It can be sweet or it can be down right naughty - everyone has their own opinion of what is sexy.  For this weeks seven, I've picked seven paragraphs out of Healing Hark. This comes straight out of chapter two.  Last week saw what happened when Hark spotted his former master at the club. This week we'll get a peek at the flipside of the coin with Master Rai and his current sub, Bryan. It appears even during a scene, both men are more observant than the average bear.  Enjoy my sexy seven and be sure to stop by the other peeps blogs. Gotta keep hopping!  


        Despite being in a long-term relationship 
        with his Master and lover, Diachi Rai, 
        CEO Bryan Sterling is feeling restless, 
        and it all has to do with his Master’s 
        new friend, Harkalone “Hark” Akula. 
        Ever since the Native American switch 
        entered his and Master Rai’s home, 
        Bryan’s been distracted and out of sorts. 
        But it’s not just because he finds the man 
        attractive, or that his Master was paying 
        Bryan any less attention with their guest 
        there. It’s his unreasonable fear that Hark 
        is here for more than just a place to stay. 
        No, he just can’t get over the feeling that 
        Hark has an ulterior motive: to make a play 
        for Bryan’s Master. When the fear 
        becomes reality, Bryan panics. 

        Diachi is a man of many secrets, and Hark 
        happens to be one of his darkest. As his 
        first submissive, Hark was partially respon-
        sible for molding Diachi into the Dom he’s 
        become. But when he found himself unable 
        to give Hark what he needed, Diachi had 
        uncollared him, letting the man he loved go, 
        rather than share him. Now Hark is back, 
        scarred and darker than Diachi could ever 
        remember him being. While in love with 
        Bryan, Diachi still can’t find the strength 
        to turn Hark away. But it sets in motion a 
        series of events which he is unprepared for, 
        when Hark requests becoming the third 
        member in his and Bryan’s relationship. 

Seven Sexy Paragraphs

"Hana?" Diachi opened his eyes and reached for the vacant spot next to him in bed. The pillow next him was dented from his submissive's head. A touch confirmed it was cold. To his sleep-bemused mind, it could only mean that Bryan hadn’t merely slipped from their bed for a trip to the bathroom. A quick glance at the clock told him it was still early. Where had his beloved flower run off to? After their scene last night at the club, Bryan should still be curled around him. Sitting up, he allowed the silk sheet pool around his waist.
There was a nearby rustle, and he turned his head. Next to the doors that lead to the terrace overlooking their backyard, Bryan was half way through his Sun Salutation sequence. For a moment he studied his lover's body as he dipped and swayed. As he moved fluidly from position to position, Diachi found himself wanting to touch the flowing muscles. Tall, blond and blue eyed the man screamed American. His chest was wide but nearly hairless, his stomach flat and toned. Bryan was strong and firm but not in the way a body builder. The exact thing he'd needed. Other than his first submissive, he hadn't gone for the muscle bound slabs of meat that worked out at the gym every day for hours. The one man he’d made an exception for hadn’t come from any fitness center. Working under the hot Arizona sun on his mother’s small homestead had given Hark a physique Diachi had wanted to explore the first time he’d seen him bare-chested. It took some effort but he pushed away the thoughts of Harkahome Akula. There would be time later to think about the man and his promise to Olivia.
Rising from the bed, he slipped into the bathroom to take care of nature’s call before rejoining his submissive. He had a firm rule, he never interrupted Bryan's morning yoga. His lover needed the centering process for his high stress job as the CEO of Sterling Foods. It was almost as therapeutic as a good session under his whip for the other man. Besides the ritual was as much part of his submissive as his tanned skin or crooked smile. He’d been practicing yoga long before he’d met Diachi. But it did make Diachi wonder why the man was doing it on Saturday when he could've been sleeping in his arms. He would ask. When he finishes.
He continued to watch as Bryan slid into the final moves of ‘downward dog’. For him to have been this far, meant that Bryan had slipped from their bed over an hour ago. It disturbed him. His man should've been worn out from their demonstration the night before. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, he waited. When Bryan took a deep breath, then gave a loud exhale, he knew lover's yoga was done.
"Master?" Bryan seemed genuinely surprised to see him sitting on the edge of the bed. "I didn't mean to wake you."
"Did you honestly think that I wouldn't notice when my man leaves my bed?" He snapped his fingers and looked down at the empty space between his parted legs. It didn't take long for his lover to scramble to into the position Diachi wanted. As the blond head pressed against his knee, he ran his fingers through his submissive’s hair. It was soft to the touch. He continued to pet his lover, simply reaffirming that Bryan was his by touch. Finally he spoke. "What drove you from my arms? Is it something at work?"

"No, Master." A long sigh feathered over his skin before his submissive looked up at him. "Last night was intense, but…” he paused if gathering his thoughts. “It just seemed like something was different. Like you were distracted. That your attention was on something other than me. It only lasted a moment but I still felt it, Master." 

©Dakota Trace All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.


  1. Great excerpt. I am really looking forward to this book, love m/m and m/m/m stories. The more sexy men the better, LOL

    1. Thanks June. It's definitely going to be a wild roller coaster ride.


  2. Nice excerpt. Really like the perspective here. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Lynn. I'm really enjoying doing this weekly blog hop. Gives me so many ideas and new books to purchase.

  3. He has such a commanding presence! Great snippet. :)

    1. Thanks Danita. I hope so, considering he's the Dom of the story. I do love my Doms though. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Love the angst here, Dakota. A nice switch from the usual play between lovers...

    1. I think there all kinds of variations of lovers - intense, playful, commanding and even sometimes silly. I like to explore all the different type. Master Rai is going to be more along the still waters run deep type of lover. His men are going to step in, thinking they'll get gentle and be sucked under by the undertow. Thanks for stopping by Jina.


  5. Loved your character descriptions and the *feel* of their relationship... how they are together.

    1. I love having couples that have been together for awhile in my books. And having a plot where a third re-enters the picture and shakes everything up is a writing challenge I enjoy. Thanks for commenting Savanna.

  6. Yummy view! And a great last paragraph to hook me! :)

    1. thanks jessica. And I'll have to admit i love the view as well.