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Guest Interview with Rhiannon Wellman - Author of Captain Jack's Rose

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming fellow author, Rhainnon Wellman to a Little Bit of Naughty. I met this lovely lady on one of my Facebook groups about a year ago, and since then, we've spent many a days sprinting, talking plots and writing. So please pull up a seat and give her a warm welcome, while I check on Livvy to make sure she's holding up her end of the bargain with Mistress Venus. 

*checks Livvy's playroom* 

Okay, looks like we're safe. No muse in the house right now.  *pulls up a seat*  Okay shall we get on the interview?  Welcome Ms. Rhiannon and lets get started. *Smiles*  

Rhiannon: Thanks for having me.

Dakota: It's always a pleasure to have friends visiting. Especially fellow writers. There’s a gazillion clich├ęs out there when it comes to writing romance, but which one would you say makes you cringe the most when you read it?

Rhiannon: The thing that makes me cringe most is the over use of the word cock, don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with the word cock, I'm quite fond of it, but seeing it more than 3 times in a sentence is too much. (Notice I used it twice not three times thus avoiding the annoyance lol) 

Dakota: I love the concept of this book. It sounds like Captain Jack might be in U.S. visiting. As a U.K. author how difficult did you find it to write this book? 

Rhiannon: Captain Jack is indeed on leave in the U.S. I seem to always be writing stories based in different parts of America, I think that’s because I would love to go there. It can be difficult but I research and I have a lot of friends who live all over America so I ask them questions, that way I get local knowledge too. 

Dakota: I totally understand. I love writing about foreign places I'd like to travel to. And friends who live there can be a great source of info. One of my current books is set in Australia and I have a friend is helping me with the research. Only problem is that when we get together our characters seem to get out of control. Which in turn makes me want to duct tape them to the ceiling. At the moment it’s one of my heroes. What would you say is the most irritating thing about your hero, Jack? 

Rhiannon: Jack was fun to write, he does seem to have a have a bit of a hero complex, but I suppose that’s just part of his charm. He does have a habit of taking charge over everything. 

Dakota:  Ooooo, I dominant man. I suppose that's because of his military background.  Whether it's the British Army or the American, I swear they bred that into our soldiers.  It's a good thing we have the lovely heroines to soften their edges.  If you had three adjectives to describe the lovely Rosey what would they be? 

Rhiannon: Caring, loving and surprising.

Dakota: All the good  things that a heroine should be...

"I see how you are. Thought you could do this without me."  Livvy sashays into the room and wags her finger*  

Dakota:  Aw come on Livvy, you're supposed to be out retrieving the items you lifted. 

*Places hand on hip* "You've got to be out of your little rabid ass mind if you think I'm going to miss the opportunity to see Rhiannon again, or that I would let another one of your author friends slip by without picking her delightful little brain?  You authors march to the beat of a different drum." 

Dakota: You mean skitter out of the way of your damn whip. *sigh*  Sorry about this Rhiannon.  I have absolutely no control over her. 

Rhiannon stifles a giggle. 

Dakota: Go ahead laugh. You'll see. 

*Pulls a crinkled list out of the front of her corset*  "Okay, Ms Rhiannon, time for twenty questions."  

Dakota: *mutters to self* Unbelievable. 

*looks offended*  "What? I don't have any pockets in this mini. I swear, slave you're a prude sometimes."  *turns to Rhiannon* "Reading Books: Print or E-book?"
Rhiannon:  If it's got a story in it I don't care :D I have to admit I have hundreds of real books and will read E-books when I'm out and about or in bed or in the bath. I just love to read. 

*Nods*  "An author after my own heart.  Okay, music - can’t write without it or dear lord I you kids need to be quiet? 

Rhiannon: I can't write with music on but I can't write with quiet either, I tend to have the TV on in the background so I have some noise. 

"So background noise. Understandable." *jots down answer*  "Favorite Wake Up Drink: Coffee or Tea?" 

Rhiannon: YUCK, I can't drink either one of them they make me feel really ill, I drink energy drinks or coke, and sometimes water. 

*smiles*  "Still caffeine though. All authors live on it.  Speaking of caffeine...Chocolate: Milk or Dark?"

Rhiannon: Dark 

*Licks lips*  "Yum, a woman after my own heart.  Love the stuff.  Okay pets: Cat or Dog?" 

Rhiannon: Cat, my cat is 22 years old.

"Nice. Kitties are just wonderful. Heroes: All-American Boy or the Bad Boy?"  

Rhiannon: Depends what mood I'm in 

*giggles* "The more the merrier for sure. So sexy lingerie: Corsets or Bras?"

Rhiannon: Corsets, they make you feel sexy even when no one can see.

"You betcha." *pats the ruby red corset* "Love mine. I keep telling slave she needs to wear them under those shapeless t-shirts she favors. Put a little zip back into her jiggity time with Mr. Trace." 

Dakota: "Livvy! *headdesk* 

*shrugs* "Well it's the truth.  Anyways, here's a huge piece of..."  *snaps her fingers*  "of dark chocolate - straight from Alexeeva & Jones.  I hear they make some very tasty chocolates." *smiles at Rhiannon* "I resisted the urge to sample it....this time."  *glares at Dakota*  "See I have some self-control."

Dakota: "Mark it on the calendar...." 

"And people say I'm the scarstic one. See you later, Ms. Rhiannon. Good luck with the new book!"  

Dakota: Good lord.  Anyway it's time for me to thank the lovely Ms. Wellman for taking the time to stop by. We greatly appreciated it.  Don't forget to check out my review for Captain Jack's Rose tomorrow. But before I go....here's the deets on Ms. Wellman's newest release.  

Captain Jack Edwards never believed in destiny, but being in the right place at the time when Rose needed him most, had to be more than luck.

Rose, the image of every school teacher a teenage boy got crushes on, kept her hair in a tight bun that made Jack long to shake it loose. And her students loved her.

Jack couldn't be any more different. As Captain in the British Army, he was rougher around the edges that he'd like to admit. Together they worked, but can he convince Rose that he's all an officer and a gentleman should be?

While showing the children and Rose the delights of the town, Jack tries to woo her. However, when he can't make promises most women want to hear, will he go back to England and re-enlist? Or will she give him a reason to stay?

Rhiannon has been making up stories as long as she can remember, admittedly they had less sex in back then.

Rhiannon never goes anywhere without a pen and notebook, and had often been known to stop mid conversation get a glazed look in her eye and need to write down a line. 

Rhiannon's approach to writing, and life, is best described by the following conversation with her very understanding husband.

"You got bit by the plot bunny again didn't you?"

"Um maybe"

"Small bunny or big one?"

"It was a tiger in a cunning disguise."

When she's not writing she has a full time job and a family who she loves very much, she's very grateful for all the wonderful things in her life and hopes to keep writing for a long time.

Rhiannon is now a multiple published writer with Breathless Press and even has a fan page on Facebook she's always willing to chat and answer questions that get put to her.


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