Monday, April 1, 2013

Book Tour Spotlight: Bound by Seduction - Kharisma Rhayne

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Thanks so much for being a stop on the Bound Tour. 

I have to say I am so excited about the re-release of these books. This tour could not have been better timed. Books 1-5 have now become Bound by Seduction: The First Anthology. I am always terrified of doing a new cover or changing anything once a book has been released, but after viewing the final result…I am thrilled. 

It’s really difficult to believe these started coming out in 2011. 

Now, this is just a re-release. There was some minor additional editing done, a new cover and a combination of 5 short reads into one anthology. So, if you’ve got the other 5, you aren’t getting anything new. The scariest part? What turning 5 books into one did to my backlist. *snickers* As authors we all want lists and lists of books to say we’ve written. So, I’m still recovering from the sting of that. 

For those that enjoy print, this will be available in print soon. The original books 1-3 are still currently available, but will be pulled when the new anthology is available in print. So, if you’re interested in the soon to be discontinued copies, check out KR books (my blog) for the purchase links on the Bound by Seduction page. 

A little more about the tour, since this is the first stop. There are 4 giveaways being held just on the host blogs (all via rafflecopter widget).You do NOT have to go back to the original widgets to enter, you can enter from the blog you are at for that day. If someone doesn’t put theirs up, follow the initial instructions and go to another blog to enter: D See? I’m easy. What? Get your mind out of the gutter Dakota. Anyway, *grumbles about getting sidetracked* there’s also a tour wide giveaway with prizes on my blog as well. 

On another note, you’ll also get some blurbs, some character meetings, details on upcoming Bound anthologies and other random bits of blabber. 

I hope everyone will stay tuned and follow the trail with me during April. 

I’d love to hang out with everyone. You can find me at: WebsiteBlogFacebookBound by Seduction

Twitter @KharismaRhayne 

Please be sure to stop in and visit all the blogs on this tour (also, there should be daily direct links posted)

Jared and Bekka, two people with a huge conflict. He's FBI, she's the prosecuting attorney. Him in his high class suits with attitude to match, her with an uptight personality and a virgin to boot. Watch the sparks fly from the office to the bedroom as these two go head to head and flesh to flesh. 

Arabelle finds herself at the gym on a Friday night and ends up working on more than her cardio with oh so hot stranger, Jarvick when he guides her to his truck for some cuffed experimentation. Just how well will these two fit together? 

The third installment in the Bound by Seduction series finds that Mykal has admired Kristyna for quite some time. He knows there are dangers with bringing her into his world. After a time, he decides to try to become friends, leading them right into relationship territory and landing them right into his bed. But what price will she pay to be his forever? 

Shane has a special surprise for Kasey on their date. He's been out of town for a while and wants to show her how much he's missed her and push their boundaries. 

Kasey is surprised when she opens her door and sees a dozen roses outside. She's even more surprised to see that they're bound together with rope. The note attached to it has her anticipation rising. 

Will Shane's planned evening go off without a hitch? Or will the tables get turned? 

Jacob liked Isa, maybe even loved her, but if she couldn’t accept everything, it was time for them to both move on. Would she accept what he was about to tell her?