Friday, March 1, 2013

Saturday AfterDark Moment {8}: His Dessert

Saturday AfterDark Moment {7}: His Dessert 

“Show me how wet you are, sweetheart.” The order, spoken in such a pleasant tone didn’t fool me in the least bit. I’d just been given a direct order. To disobey was to risk feeling the crop against my ass. 

Crouched above him I held the skirt, exposing my bare snatch to his avid gaze. Laying back on the checkered tablecloth, I couldn’t see anything as his hands slipped under the fabric bunched around my ass to span my waist. “Hold it,” he reminded me as he slowly nudged me forward. “Don’t drop it, or I will punish you. I want to see what I’m sampling.” 

“Yes, Master.” I whispered as he guided me where he wanted me – directly over his mouth. I could feel the heat of his breath against my bare folds, the rasp of his beard against my sensitive inner thighs as he positioned me where he wanted me. I tried to control my body but failed miserably when the first flick of his tongue had me jerking. His growl of disproval wasn’t needed as his hand slapped my exposed bottom. 

“I said be still.” He growled. “I want my dessert.” 

“Yes, Master.” I panted digging my fingernails into my palms as I gave my will over to him. I hadn’t planned this. I had merely followed his instructions to the letter. I’d packed a picnic basket filled with his favorites, cold fried chicken, coleslaw, yeast rolls and potato salad – and no dessert. That he’d told me he would supply. I’d never dreamed I was going to be his choice of sweet. 

Around us the birds chirped as the trickle of water from a nearby stream, even the faint sound of children playing beyond that could be heard. But it all lacked in importance as my Master’s tongue delved deep, suckling and licking me like a lollipop until I wanted to squirm, to ride his tongue until I was crying out my release. But I refrained. I was his and until he gave me permission, all I could do was obey and let him have his fun, no matter how much it drove me insane. 

Finally he took pity on me, lifting me enough to order me to come at will, before sealing his mouth to my clit, his tongue drilling it. Permission given, I gave a careening moan and pressed down against his mouth and came for him. His growl of approval sent more pleasure through me as the vibrations teased flesh already made sensitive by my orgasm. 

When it finally eased and he slid me to the side, I was a molten mass of flesh. I was exhausted but at the same time I wanted more. “When do I get my…desert Master?” I asked, eying the hard erection straining his fly. 

“When you’ve earned it.” He glanced at the scattered remains of our feast. Scrambling to my feet, I shoved everything into the basket desperate to earn my reward.

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  1. Sexy imagery, l was there watching from behind a tree and loving every delicious minute!

  2. Very hot and sexy. I've often thought of 'desserts' like this.

  3. The Master was certainly in control. I could feel her retention from not allowing to release her pleasure. Her final obedience to receive her dessert by picking up the leftover feast was quite demanding.

  4. I'm going to need a napkin after this dessert. Holy shit, that made me want to read more.