Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 15 of Gabriel's Light Book Tour: Home

*Sticks head in room tentatively*  Do you see anyone?  *yawns widely, before mumbling to self. *can't believe how fn difficult Analise is being...those two hard-headed men are perfect for her....

"Perfect for who?"  *Dakota taps foot*  

*Looks up and smiles widely*  Slave you're back! When did you get in? 

*Purses Lips*  "I didn't. I'm still in Florida but this internet is a wonderful thing don't you agree? I've been monitoring your progress online..." *Narrows eyes*  "...And I honestly think I should throw your little butt to the wolves right now.  Somehow you've managed to not only tick off every character in my series but you've also had fun doing it." *places hands on hips*  "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't toss you in the dungeon at their mercies?" 

*chews on lower lip*  Because you love me?  I made sure to tell 'em all about the blurb...

*arches brow at Muse* "Really.  Saying CLICK HERE for the official blurb is telling them about my book?  What about the excerpts I asked you to post?  You know there were some phenomenal tidbits in those for the readers..."

And they gave away over half of the book to the readers. *crosses arms over ample chest* How are you gonna make money if you're giving away the book for free? Besides there is nothing wrong with the way I pimped Gabriel and Zhenya's story. Everyone showed up at each stop didn't they? I entertained them,  didn't I?

*rolls eyes at Muse's antics*  "You are a royal pain in my ass, Livvy.  I asked you to do a simple job while I was gone.  I should've known better after the way you acted the release party. What the hell am I gonna do with you? The Doms are screaming bloody murder how they want to tan your ass."  *squeezes the bridge of nose*  "So give me one good reason why I should save you from them yet again?"

*bats eyelashes at Dakota*  Because you love me and without me you couldn't write?  

*slowly shakes head*  "That's not gonna work this time, Livvy."  *steps aside as the room fills with Doms.  "I could've handled you horsing around with characters of already complete books, but yesterday at the Wicked Muse Tavern was too much.  I haven't even finished Analise's story yet and you damn near blew it to hell and back."

*holds hands up*  But I fixed it. *edges towards the door* 

"Is 'Analise deciding to only be friends with the men til they show her she's more than a possession' is fixing the issue." *Glares at muse*  "I was this close to getting them into bed together!"  *stomps foot in a rare show of anger* "Go ahead guys, she's yours."  

*Maylay ensues as Doms surround Muse, moments later Livvy is bound and gagged, lying on the floor* 

"Hey Caelan?"  *Dakota interrupts the carting off of the gagged muse* 

"Yes?"  *stops next to author*  "Remember our agreement. No lasting damage."  

*nods head*  "You got it."   *brushes lips over Dakota's cheek.* "Have fun tonight at the show and we'll deal with Livvy.  You deserve a break, sweetheart."  *follows rest of the Doms out of the room*

*Dakota turns back to the readers*  "Okay, now that I've taken care of an ornery muse, I'd like to take the time to thank all of you for following my blog hop.  And remind you that today is the last day to enter for the wonderful grand prize. Which I'll be drawing tonight after I come back from seeing the wonderful Cirq de Soliel's production of La Nueba and be announcing the winner tomorrow morning."

*taps chin thoughtfully*  "Is there anything else I'm forgetting?  Oh yes.  Todays's daily prize is a print copy of Gabriel's Light. So  leave you're comment below to be entered - along with your email address. Tomorrow I'll be recapping all of the winners and drawing the grand prize." 

*knock on door*  "Time to go - the kids are waiting to go to Epicot."  

*sighs*  "Okay I'm out the door for a day filled of sunshine and wonderful kids.  Thanks for stopping by."

Winner is:

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  1. Awww! Poor Livvy, but then again she is probably going to enjoy her punishments! Dakota, Thank you for this blog tour, it was fun and very entertaining. And, the first book release blog tour that I have gone to all the stops! I had a Blast :)

  2. I do hope Livvy enjoys her punishmen ;) I had a great time following the muse on her trip around the web. I hope you had a great time in Florida this week :)

  3. Fun post and tour


  4. I have loved the book tour and am so excited for Gabriel's Light! Thank you for a wonderful series Dakota !!!