Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Thrills {2}: The Aftermath

This week for Thursday Thrills, I'm actually picking up where my Saturday Afterdark Moment left off.  This picture was a bit more difficult for me because of the devastation on the woman's face. So sorry...this tale isn't erotic in nature, more about moving on, hopefully you'll enjoy it though.

“Mommy?” The door handle rattled. It was my youngest wanting entrance into my haven. It was the fourth time in nearly an hour since I’d locked myself in. Lifting my head off the edge of the tub, I caught glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. My hair was tangled. I had mascara running down my face but was the most shocking aspect was my eyes. They were blank as if I were in a trance or confused, which I was. My life as a wife was over. Hank and I were done and now I was at a lost at what to do. 

In way, I was grieving for the fifteen years of my life I’d devoted to Hank, but at the same time, I couldn’t get the other man who’d been the catalyst out of my mind. My husband’s ex-boss, Ethan. After I’d walked in the wrong room, he’d given me pleasure like none I had ever felt, even during the beginning of my marriage to Hank. And Ethan had kept his promise, making me forget my cheating louse of a husband. Being with him had been new and exciting while the same time right. Even now I could remember the brush of his body against mine as he filled me until I was screaming the rafters down, which had unbelievably brought the end of my marriage as Hank had heard and came to investigate. 

First it had been to give his boss a thumb-ups for scoring – juvenile I know, but that was the father of my children, then in shock when he spied me lying across the rumpled sheets. The resulting fight between the men had been almost anti-climactic as I scrambled into my clothing, while the woman who my husband had been screwing stared on the resulting may lay in shock. Evidently the cheating bastard hadn’t told her he was married. I’d heard through the grape vine, Hank had dumped her but after eighteen months of battling it out in divorce court over all our worldly possessions including our kids, I could’ve cared less. But it was over now – my marriage to Hank was gone and I was lying in my master bath feeling sorry for myself. 


At the sound of the masculine voice at the door, I sat up. Ethan? What was he doing here? 

“Sweetheart? Let me in please. Stephan called. He and the other kids are worried.” 

Standing on trembling legs, I moved towards the door. Pressing my hand against the wood grain, I battled with myself. Ethan had been at my side since I’d fallen apart when I’d received the divorce papers from Hank. Always there, to give a helping hand with the kids, a shoulder to cry on when I was frustrated with Hanks insufferable demands, and desire – dear Lord the passion he still felt, stroked me up like no other – not that he’d pressed, but I could see it every time he looked at me. He’d agreed to wait until the divorce was final before demanding an answer. If I opened the door, I knew what he’d be expecting and what I’d give him if he asked. It would change my life. 

Slowly opening the door, I stood trembling in front of him, my youngest daughter peeking out from behind his legs. I could see my older two sons hovering in the hallway. 

“It’s final?” He asked softly, looking so devastatingly handsome in his jeans and cable sweater. 

I nodded without speaking, the lump in my throat nearly unbearable. When he didn’t say anything more, I swallowed difficultly, but managed to push the word out. “Yes.” 

His beautiful amber eyes lit up with hope. “Are you sure, sweetheart? I don’t want to be a rebound thing.” 

I stepped closer, invading his space. “Yes, I want you, more than you could ever know.” 

His sigh of relief was audible as his arms wrapped around me. “Thank God.” Comfort mixed with a smidge of desire rushed through me as I snuggled closer. Just like the first time, being with him felt like coming home.

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  1. Wow Dakota, this is epic but filled with something of a new beginning. What a hell of a Thurs Thrill, I enjoyed it.

  2. Exactly what Ray said! Well done! It was great! (and thank you for being the only one brave enough to comment on mine! :) ~K~

  3. I'm glad you decided to follow up with these two. It lets us see that Ethan really is a good man. We all need more of those.

  4. Loved it and I am also glad to see that Ethan is not just a wham bam man..

    I know we all right erotica but I think just let the image take you where it will...xx

  5. I had to read each word to the end. I was extremely intrigued with the continuation of your story and happy the way Ethan had comforted her through all and was not a jerk.