Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ny First Ever Published Book Was...

So what was my first book published?  I actually had to stop and think  for about 30 seconds - it's been that long ago.  Then it came to me. It was The Chocolate Made Me Do It.  It's a ChickLit short story which Excessica was great enough to pick up for me.  The company at that time was in its infancy and believe me there are times I think that this story was written by an entirely different me.  Which it was. It has nothing to do with the writer, I've now become. The errors and mistakes I made in that book make me cringe now. But in the end, I still remember how excited I was when I got the email that it had been accepted, and then flurry of emails about editing, cover art and promo...my head must've spun for days. I didn't know what I was getting into.  Do I regret it...no. It still has a special spot in my heart.  In fact I've taken a short excerpt from my favorite part to share with you.  

Blurb: Annebelle is in love with the creamy chocolate confections Zephyrus Raincloud crafts in his shop, “The Delights”. While it wouldn’t take much for Annabelle to fall in love with him, she’s leery of risking her heart on a man who can’t see past the color of her skin to the warm affectionate woman she is. After one brief encounter, she swears it can’t happen again. But Zephyrus has decided she now belongs to him. How far will this chocolate maker go to seduce her into his way of thinking?
One of my favorite parts in the book:
Hestia stood in front of Annabelle's door, holding a large chocolate box from Zephyr. It had been about a week since the night she had so unsuccessfully tried her hand at matchmaking. Since then, she hadn’t heard one word from Annabelle—her friend hadn’t come to the shop even once. This morning when Hestia had come in to open the shop, she found her brother waiting for her. He had received an order via the Internet…which was no big deal, except the buyer asked that Hestia be the only one to deliver it.

When she saw the address, she realized why—it was Annabelle's home address. Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door. She wasn't prepared for what she saw, as Annabelle answered wearing a soft rumpled robe, her blonde hair piled on top of her head. Annabelle's face lit up with a soft smile when she saw the box in Hestia's hands.

"My chocolates," she whispered.

"Yes. Just don't kill the messenger." Hestia handed the box to her friend and backed up a step.

"Why would I kill you?" Annabelle started slicing open the tape holding the top on the box. She found out why when she looked inside the box—there were no chocolates, only a folded piece of paper. Frowning, she picked it up and opened it. After scanning it, the chocolate box hit the floor. She looked up at her friend.

"Wait right there." Turning, she rushed back to her bedroom, and when she came back a few minutes later, she was dressed in casual clothes. "Let's go."

"What's wrong?" Hestia had to sprint to keep up with her fast walking, taller friend.

"That bastard is holding my chocolate hostage. Doesn't the man know never to come between a woman and her chocolate?!"

Hestia decided it was in her best interest not to answer.

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